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Aether walkthrough and review

aether Aether is a fun little physics based puzzle game where you are a boy that has somehow teamed up with a monster and is going to different planets to solve puzzles and go on adventures. While the game may seem confusing at first, once you get used to it, it is a delight to play. You start off on Earth, where is where you need to return after you complete the puzzles on other planets. You can get to other planets by swinging there with the help of the monster’s tongue Aim and click the mouse to shoot the tongue. The movement keys are a,w,s,d.

The swinging mechanic was probably the hardest thing I had to learn for the entire game as the puzzles weren’t all that tough to figure out. Once you get used to the swinging mechanism though, this game rolls smoothly from there on out. This game has a unique feel to it almost as if it is imaginary. It takes place in a dreamy mind-scape. Its like the places you and I dreamed about when we were kids. This kind of setting just gives the game a familiar feel and makes you want to play the game until its finished. This game is a great casual puzzle game to keep you occupied for a while as you are getting used to the mechanics or solving puzzles. It is certainly worth the play of at least one gaming session. Below is a guide(that can be found at a lot of places online now), if you want a way to solve the puzzles on the different worlds.

1. Pink Planet(Gravida) – he planet is in a similar shape to the beast. Enter the ‘mouth’ to get to the ‘core’. Then lick the floating crystals without falling and landing on the ‘core’.

2. Dark blue planet(Malaisus) – Eat only the 9-worm like fish. Don’t eat the giant one or the ones in the background

3. Yellow Planet(Bibulon) – Stand on the four lower moons to make their orbits crash into the planet.

4. Green planet(Debrasa) – Spin around the little moons that emit the green glow onto the planet. Only 1 moon thing will appear at a time.

5. Blue planet(Earth) – Return to earth after you’ve completed the other planets.



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