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The Life Ark walkthrough

the life ark The Life ark is an interesting puzzle game from freeworldgroup. In this game you are trying to build an inter-dimensional ark to spread life across the world. Aliens began the work a long time ago and now you must continue their work. I have to admit, the original storyline drew me to this game more than anything else but the game ended up being pretty good as well. I was a little confused by it at first but I eventually enjoyed it a lot.

I’ve written a walk-through for some of the puzzles below, if you want to see, click the “Click me, I am a walkthrough” link to see them.

Click me, I am a walkthrough


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7 Responses to “The Life Ark walkthrough”

  1.   jamie Says:

    tried the game and the flame disappeared at the start so i just gave up :(

  2.   admin Says:

    Yeah, took me a few times to get it, you have to be pretty fast in this game. I memorized the tutorial first.

  3.   Gisto Says:

    mam najradcej tuto hru

  4.   Zach Says:

    The Kettle wouldnt click for some odd reason?
    idk, game looked cool…. than sucked after that lol

  5.   katie Says:

    i need all the help i can get help me plz

  6.   Sean Says:

    the thing is urainium

  7.   marie Says:

    how long does it take for the cloud to get darker wen its over the kettle

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