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Orchestrated Death Walkthrough

Orchestrated Death is a great game that plays sort of like an escape game except that instead of escaping, you are trying to find ways to use objects in the room to kill people. You play the part of the grim reaper and you got tired of waiting for people to die so you are going to go down and kill some people. This game is divided into several chapters, each with a victim to kill. Its really fun figuring out how to use the objects in the room to finish the chap off, but if you are stuck, I have a walkthrough for some of the chapters below. Click the “Click me, I am a walkthrough” link to view the walkthrough.

Click me, I am a walkthrough

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10 Responses to “Orchestrated Death Walkthrough”

  1.   tommo Says:

    how do you get going after a chapter

  2.   Booge Says:


  3.   lolo mo. xD Says:

    gaga. ang hirap kea nung laro. xD

  4.   AOD Says:

    It doesn’t seem to progress to chapter 2

  5.   ME =) Says:

    i cant click on the fishers head ? please tell me <3

  6.   zazbo Says:

    click on the gun by his feet.

  7.   Caity Says:

    fun, but way too short. i would love to see a sequel to this with more levels that are a bit more challenging

  8.   juaun Says:

    I cant drag the guy in the air

  9.   Louise Says:

    i cant open the door

  10.   watto Says:

    lol this games funny love it if u could make some more deaths :D

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