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Talesworth Arena walkthrough/review/tips

Talesworth Arena is a fun tactical game where you can choose to be a Psionic mage, a Juggernaut, or an engineer and fight your way up the ladder to become the ultimate warrior using your skills. The engineer is good at making stuff, the juggernaut is mainly strength, and the psionic mage is someone who mainly depends on controlling other people’s thoughts and using that against them.

There are two modes, easy and normal. Easy wasn’t much fun for me because battles devolved in click-fests so I played normal most of the time where there is paced and strategic combat.
In normal, you only start with 10 gold and you should go immediately to the training ground to buy whatever you can(this usually means the training sword for the juggernaut and maybe the poison thing). After you have bought these things, head over the the arena to start fighting. Usually at first, you only fight grunts and low-level creatures first. Be careful, even these fights are not a cakewalk. In normal, there is timing to the combat and interrupts are very effective both on you and the opponent. I usually just hit with the poison syringe and then the sword until the effects of the poison wore off, then hit with the poison again. Be careful and don’t let the enemy interrupt your move or it will cost you a lot of damage and your attack. With the money you get from winning, you can upgrade your equipment at the training grounds and take on better foes. After defeating 2 opponents, go buy the gentle uppercut. At this time, you’ll also be starting out on quests. Take the quests, they are good ways to pick up extra cash and XP. The first quests are pretty easy. You’ll have to learn the pace of combat as you move up the ladder and how to use items in combination and the timing required. But overall, this game is a lot of fun so its worth the time to figure it out.

Good luck!


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29 Responses to “Talesworth Arena walkthrough/review/tips”

  1.   zane Says:

    hey um i have a question for one do u know what to do for that dog quest and also what do u do for that guild thing please reply e mail since i have’nt registered here

  2.   admin Says:

    I haven’t played the dog quest(I’ve leveled on normal through a few levels and gotten some items and completed a few quests), but the quests are usually pretty straight forward. You have to fight some characters or obtain some item. What level are you on?

  3.   Nini Says:

    Ok.. So I’m a lvl 10 psionic and totally stuck by the boss monster, he’s xtremely hard to kill, any tips on that matter?

  4.   admin Says:

    Which boss monster? Each level has one.

  5.   shane Says:

    okay….i am a level 10 juggernot and i beat the game

    now i am starting with psionic i am already level 5 and i cant beat the boss help and how do you beat the dog quest.

  6.   unown Says:

    what do i do for the luck part

  7.   articblaze Says:

    for thief guild place its first button

  8.   vuloy Says:

    i am level 8 and i leave the quest of level 5 what is the code of Amelie Needs Help?

  9.   Dude Says:

    I had a lot of problems with the dog quest too. But here is the sequence you want to do. When you first enter, go E (to the Oak tree), then go East again (light trails are mentioned here), go East again (something about chaos), go West (water of the leaves), go South (Ridge screen), Go West, You’ll get to the screen where it talks about a wounded animal and go East.

  10.   gallar Says:

    erm im trying to do dog quest at level 6 cuz iu abandoned it before and when i click begin at the tavern it just take me back to the map so then what do i do ?

  11.   LoL Says:

    whats the ehad theifs name in talesworth

  12.   Randy @ dog training barking Says:

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  13.   Dan Lauderdale Says:

    Interesting, I have not heard about this

  14.   helol Says:

    what is the riddle the correct answer?

  15.   chuck Says:

    what is the answer to the riddle

  16.   mandude Says:

    i need help finding the crows

  17.   mandude Says:

    i need help with the outskirts

  18.   imsuchanoob Says:

    how do i find gwendollyn?

  19.   neil Says:

    what is the captin of the city gaurd’s name

  20.   boobe Says:

    what are the runes for?

  21.   Bark Off Reviews Says:

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  22.   Skylar Says:

    Whats the answer to the riddle when you are lvl 5 and you enter a shop? The riddle goes “True thieves posses Knowledge. Who leads the Thieves Guild?”

  23.   faggotot Says:


  24.   anonymous Says:

    any1 know whats the answer of the jester that says :
    “When Talesworth goes dark,
    We hunt and thrive,
    The color of blood,
    Doth comes alive..

    Who am I?”

  25.   arth Says:

    @skylar: it’s anya
    @neil: Lar

  26.   codfoo Says:

    the crimson brotherhood

  27.   codfoo Says:

    I just beat the game as a psionic

  28.   dubbynig Says:

    I’m playing Pokemon instead!!!

  29.   dubbynig Says:


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