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Renegade Commanders Walkthrough/review/tips

renegade commanders Renegade Commanders is a command and conquer-like game where you must build buildings, train troops, and defend your base against enemy forces. To complete a mission, you must either gain enough territory or hold off against so many enemy waves. The first level is an introductory level to get you to learn the basics, the real game begins on the second level. I chose to play the GDA side(note the similarity to the GDI in the C&C series) and fight against the rebels, but both sides play the same way.

You need to note the strengths and weaknesses of each unit against each other unit. For example, the air units are good against everything except bazooka-men. For the first real mission when you are on defense, your first priority should be to build the 3rd power plant and a vehicle plant and start pumping out tanks and troops. Also, don’t forget to build the fifth turrets. While the troops and tanks in the 2nd level aren’t a real threat, the long-range cannons are. You’ll find your structures suddenly exploding if your not paying close attention. Always scroll the map with the arrow keys to keep a lookout for long-range artillery and keep a good combination of air troops, normal troops, and bazooka troops in your army. You’ll need to defend all sides but most of the artillery comes at the bottom. Do not let your barracks get destroyed or it probably will cost you the game. Keep troops on patrol at all times and kill off the long-range weapons so they have to come into the range of your turrets. Doing this will let you defensive structure kill most of their units and if a good way to victory. Good luck!


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3 Responses to “Renegade Commanders Walkthrough/review/tips”

  1.   Stemulite Says:

    That game appeared to have huge potential, but it is just too slow! I sat here for five minutes and was still building things. When does the action start? I expect Flash games to be quick as I am usually taking a break at work or when I am home working. I need action, not strategy.

    That being said, I really liked the graphics and the overall structure of the game. If I had time, I think I would have really liked it!

  2.   mikey Says:

    Sloooooowwwww. Can’t get past level 3.
    Very difficult. Very slow.

  3.   gernade Says:

    Well, This is a very interesting.. I will tell my friend and I’m so sure that they will like this.

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