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Amateur Surgeon walkthrough

This walkthrough is for the game Amateur Surgeon. Perform surgery with common household objects. Click the “Click me, I am a walkthrough” link to see.

Click me, I am a walkthrough


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181 Responses to “Amateur Surgeon walkthrough”

  1.   Platinumstunaa Says:

    I need help with Donny the Pimp I have no idea how to fix him

  2.   meh Says:

    when u get to the part where he says ” staples, shiny staples” put a bunch of staples all over the pimp block until the pimp meter is full

  3.   david Says:

    how do i get rid of bugs

  4.   ... ? Says:

    You need to use the car battery, but make sure you dont accidentally use it on the patient, you have to get the bugs, OR ELSE.
    How do you fix Eddie? at level 20, he’s ALWAYS losing too much blood, or burning to death with the lighter :S
    HELP IT’S DRIVING ME CRAZY… how pathetic :L

  5.   Alisha Says:

    i need help with trent i can’t kill them

  6.   Nicole Says:

    i need help with joe in file 2… how do u get rid of the worm?

  7.   Ricky Says:

    I need help with the spider eggs I close all the cuts but I don’t know what to do with the eggs

  8.   michael s Says:

    k here we go. the worm.. u first hav to wait untill his head pops out then put a couple of zapps into him using the car battery. dont miss. hen you find him using the xray and cut him out pull him out bam done. in trent if ur talkin about ants then you use the car battery on them. if ur talkin about scorpions use the chainsaw.

  9.   andi Says:

    How do you beat Junk in Act 3?

  10.   Cameron Says:

    Alright I can’t get through the Don the pimp level either. I tried putting staples all over the golden pimp sign but the Pimp-O-Meter keeps going down instead of up

  11.   david Says:

    how do i get rid of scorrpiens

  12.   Kathleen Says:

    To do the pimp staples you staple around the golden plate to keep it inside

  13.   carlos abreu Says:

    How do I beat aurieola in act 3?

  14.   Me Says:

    I have tryed puting alot of staples in Donny, i filled the gold plate with staples but i just can’t get the pimp metre full by the time the time is up. Can anyone help???????

  15.   Lowkey Says:

    You need to staple close to the edges of the plate, on both left and right

    how do you beat scorpions?

  16.   lex Says:

    okay i cant get past the second eddy.

  17.   Lexi Says:

    Does anyone know how to get passed Junk in act 3? I dont know what to do after you take the frying pins out and its driving me crazy!

  18.   Smitty Says:

    u get the ;ighter and burn the fuses.
    im on Aureola but i cant put out the fire its stupid

  19.   Your mom Says:

    I cannot get past Horace in Act 3. I don’t even know where to begin really. As soon as I cut him open, I cant find a way to stop the cuts.

  20.   Your mom Says:

    Dewayne, I am sorry, not Horace

  21.   bon Says:

    how do u pass aureola

  22.   bon Says:

    the fire drives me crazy

  23.   Bob asparagus Says:

    help me

  24.   Bob asparagus Says:

    how do u finish aureola i hate the fire
    i cant put it out with the stupid vacume

  25.   Bob asparagus Says:

    answer me

  26.   Bob asparagus Says:

    never mind

  27.   elise Says:

    how do i get rid of the liquid fire ? nothing seems to worK?

  28.   Brit Says:

    How do you beat Karl the coffee adict?

  29.   Me Says:

    For the fire you can’t put out , it’s actually something stuck in her, the fires just on it, grab the tongs and pull that bad boy out

  30.   Vvgbv Says:

    To get past donny you put 5 staples equally spaced on the left and right sides of the bar

  31.   wikechik20 Says:

    can someone please help me pass JUNK in act 3??? after i pull out the pins I dont know how to fix the fuses….please help

  32.   adriana_green_eyes Says:

    To put out the fires in aureola you have to vacume some blood first:D

  33.   dylan Says:

    how do I do the coffee guy in file 2?

  34.   dylan Says:

    e-mail me with the answer at. mcdylan94@hitmail.co.uk. please? it’s annoying me now

  35.   carla Says:

    and someone pls tell me how to fix junk in file 3???im super duper stuck NOTE: its the one with the bomb THX!!!!

  36.   carla Says:

    ps i dun even noe how to get the pins out

  37.   Bethany Says:

    Stuck on aureola. I can complete all tasks but fire is there a trick I put the vaccum over the fire and nothing happens I waste so much time on it what’s the trick? Where do I get the blood from? What the hell!

  38.   pnwjaqjowecn Says:


  39.   Laurie Says:

    Could anyone help me defuse the bomb on file 3

  40.   chabrena Says:

    For junk in act 3 u cut tha wires in order by puttin up the etch a sketch and seein tha numbers. Then u take the pins in order from left to right out tha cylinders and then u burn tha fuses on the right…

  41.   nenna Says:

    how to kill the leeches inside the boss

  42.   franinator Says:

    How do i get rid of the scorpions in act 3? It’s the second time that Trent has come and I can’t get rid of the freakinn”’ scropions.
    It’s driving me crazy xD

  43.   Drunkensurgeon Says:

    How to kill scorpions: Use a chainsaw, they are fire resistant and with a exoskeleton like that electricity is useless

    How to destroy spider eggs, use the pizza cutter

    How to destroy annoying siblings: Use 5 day old socks.

  44.   Drunkensurgeon Says:

    and how to kill leeches: burn them, pull them off then pull their teeth out then treat the wound, if you watched flight 69 down, you would know burning a leech or applying strong heat can take it off.

  45.   HannahE Says:

    I can’t pass Horrace on file 3 or BUM in the secret files!!! It’s driving me CRAZY!!

  46.   maddiedazzle Says:

    i need help with junk. i get to the part where i finish cutting up his ribs and it says too slow. any help?

  47.   Emzy Says:

    Hi can you help please Trent in file 3 is doing my head in it I can’t close up the hole and scorpeins just keep coming out of it till I run out of time. can you HELP!

  48.   Emzy Says:

    It ok I got it but thanks anyway.

  49.   meg Says:

    Can any one help me get pass the coffee guy he keeps crashing on me i finished everything in then he crashed i cant stand this

  50.   Teckno Says:

    Hey I’m having trouble with karl on act 2. I can get past the coffe poisoning, but after that when you have to remove the coffee pill things I get lost. I try the one on the far right but once I staple cauterize and heal karl’s heart stops. So if you could help…

  51.   Mickey Says:

    How do I get rid of the spider eggs???

  52.   NEEDSHELP Says:

    Ok In file three on junk, and I cant figure out how to pull the pins out [thebomb] HELP!!!

  53.   Hopeless Says:

    how can I pass the Brutality on act 2 ??? Which one should I start = the enfections(the gray clouds) OR the things that I have to delete????I cant do them both ‘chause I dont have enough blood or time !?!?!?!

  54.   Samuel Says:

    For Junk.

    1. The remove the junk food.
    2. You use the x-ray to find out the order of cutting the wires.
    3. ut the wires where the yellow bars cross the wires, in order!
    4. Take out the pins slowly from left to right at the bottom.
    5. Burn the fuses on the right side, below the clock.

  55.   SkyCrystalStar Says:

    Here is a VERY big tip, since about 80% of the time you will be burning/rubbing “Pain Away” gel on cuts: you can waste too much time trying to burn those cuts and daub them, and be going mad for it not working and making your patient bleed to death.

    I found out this trick on the last level, Horrace Act 3 which I kept running out of time on. You have to get the FULL LENGTH of the cut, or it won’t work. Wave your mouse RIGHT ON the line of the cut PAST the end points, and you will get FAST successes. Bam bam bam, those cuts will be healed. Same thing with stapling – get one each end, and that usually solves even the biggest of open wounds. The rest you will have to learn from YouTube walkthroughs – but THIS tip you will not get from any other walkthrough.

    PAST the ends of the wound. Bam bam bam – that’s the trick to fixing cuts!

  56.   timster Says:

    I cant get the nails out of insurance fraud Claude he dies by the time i open his chest to remove the four renaming nails please send suggestions

  57.   Hannah Says:

    How do u pass horace act 3?

  58.   Dom Says:

    On junk file 3 when I try to cut the wire it hurts him and doesn’t cut it

  59.   Emily Says:

    I hate puttin out da fire it’s impossible how is my finger supposed to follow the fire?

  60.   Cow Says:

    Hey….im really stuck on trent file 1 i cant get past it plz help!!

  61.   Emily Says:

    So I know this is probably a really stupid question but how the hell do you use the cork screw? I click the screw then the cream but everytime I try to use it, it hurts the patient.

  62.   bob Says:

    I need help with Joe he loses too much blood and always dies

  63.   Danielle Says:

    Ok emily i had that problem with the cork screw to but use it cause its a big help what you do is you take it and follow your mouse around the red line and if you hae the ipod touch its your finger im having trouble with the guy and the scorpions is there a quick way to kill them before i run out of time?

  64.   thepro ha Says:

    The one with all the spiders and stuff an like spider holes and when u zap them the big yellow spider comes out on act 3 is driivng me crraaaazzyyy! What am I supposed to do and stuffs ahhh please help I’ve tried it like 836252857100 times omg if anyone knows pleaseeee say!!!

  65.   mr penis Says:

    trent on 3act plz.. what makes the scorpions stop coming from the hole?

  66.   KB Says:

    I need help with BUM the robot, I can’t get past the cleanup phase.
    I fill the batteries, and that’s all I got. Help!!

  67.   B Says:

    After u clean the blood from bum you have to light the holes

  68.   B Says:

    How do you pass karl I am f ing tired of him

  69.   Cheezter Says:

    I beat bum…. So here it is open him up Using the green stuff on the red button…then vacummed on the holes to charge all three then lit all three 2. Use that green healing stuff on those little rust mark looking things there’s like three spots ( it’s like a bronze color looks kinda bubbly) then it’ll skip to the next part 3. Staple all four yellow wires where their snipped at 4. Hit all four corners with the battery charge, then hit the center battery itself …. Cha ching ;~)

  70.   Jacquo Says:

    I need help with Donny the pimp on the gold plate I’ve try’d putting staples all over it and I can’t get the pimp meter all the way up.

  71.   ace Says:

    in trent 3 u need to use the scaner to get the scorpian hole ope then continue cuting the hole with the chain saw the whole will close and the master scorpian comes out

  72.   carson Says:

    help can someone put up a video that shows you how to do donny on youtube or something. i cant get the staples even or anything.

  73.   Esta Says:

    I’ve nearly passed them all! Horace act 3 took days- trick is to cut the killer scorpion across the middle with chainsaw in small strokes.. Don’t bother chopping his claws or tail or head. And for those asking about what happens after you originally open him up – battery zap him for a centipede to crawl out, then chainsaw it. Then a hideous spide appears so battery zap that, then give him some life back cos horrace is nearly dead. U can figure it out from there… Use the xray etc. But my question is this: I’ve just completed the delirium in the secret file but how do u unlock the final character? I’ve done everything but this one creepy little creature in the secret file is still padlocked… What the?

  74.   Macdaddy Says:

    What r the fuses on junk file 3 r they the boxes at the top or the strips on the sid with the arrows pointing in

  75.   Esta Says:

    Macdaddy.. Fuses are on the right-hand side. Burn them and you’re done

  76.   B Says:

    PLEAS some one help me pass junk on file 3 tell me the answer at ricardo 9897@yahoo.com

  77.   B Says:


  78.   B Says:

    What are the fuses plz help me on junk fl 3

  79.   B Says:

    I did it thanks anyways

  80.   John Says:

    I m stuck at file 3 with junk NOTE “I took out the pins blow the fuse n cut the wire I m still on the bomb screen

  81.   sheena Says:

    Does anyone know how to pass. Karl file 2? I am as addicted to this game as he is to coffee.

  82.   sheena Says:

    Hey I got it. For antone else use the car battery when heart rate goes over 110 it’ll slow him down.

  83.   (_8-(/) Says:

    no it wnt it makes him crash :(

  84.   (_8-(/) Says:

    u burn the things blow the clock

  85.   s Says:

    i cant win aureola i keep running out of time. help!!!!

  86.   s Says:

    i finished delirium but the other 2 r still locked!!!???

  87.   s Says:

    oh nd in the coffe guy u leave all the cuts open till uv only got 1 thing left 2 pull out. it slows him down but if u dnt fix up the cuts B4 u pull out the lst thing then he mite die cos his pulse starts going down agen. hope this helps :-)

  88.   Vacuum Fire Says:

    When using the vacuum to put out a fire forget the suck up some blood first, does not work till it wants to. Instead agitate the vacuum over the flame, it creates blood at the site. Put out a fire in under 3 seconds… it has worked pretty consistently for me.

  89.   soooanoyyed Says:

    I cannot i repeat CANNOT put out the fires!!!!! THIS IS DRIVING CRAZY!!!!!! Im on aureola and the Fire WILL NOT GO OUT!!!!!! >:(

  90.   Danielle Says:

    For the coffee guy….I cleaned and quickly sautured (didn’t gel it), then opened all the wounds first using the etch a sketch once……Cut them all out……took out 2 beans (or whatever) and cleaned……took out the remaining bean and cleaned…..you can’t screwn ANYTHING up otherwise he’ll die

  91.   Ax Says:

    Hey, if you want their heart rate up up up,
    then click the corkscrew, then the cream, and press onto their body, and follow the red box thingy with your cursor, keep doing that until the heart rate is where you want.

  92.   Fallen11 Says:

    Guys … How can I beat horrace on act1 I can’t fix the last anthole ish wound … Plx help

  93.   nadine Says:

    Hey, Im stuck with aureola!! I need someone to explain the WHOLE level pleeaaassee

  94.   kor Says:

    ugh i cant get by karl….i get rid of the coffee poison and then i trry to get rid of the coffee chips but i always die cause his heart rate goes too high….anybody have any suggestions??

  95.   person Says:

    for the caffiene dude just zap him directly with the car battery his pulse will go to zero but then rises I had to zap him twice. I zapped him when he reached 100

  96.   kc Says:

    i need help on the rednect act one i keep using the corck screw for ever if there a sertain way how he keeps dying :( help!

  97.   kc Says:

    he is cletus :( help

  98.   Sophie Kirby Says:

    help please, does anyone know how to do junk on file 3, i got to taking the pins out but don’t know what to do after that.

  99.   Kristal Foster Says:

    hey guys, im stuck and could REALLY use some help. I can’t get past BUM!! I fallowed Cheezter’s instructions but after i get the batteries charged, the screen doesn’t change. HELP!!!

  100.   reah Says:

    karl the coffee addict – hit him with the car battery once he gets to about 120 on his heart rate, this’ll start him back from 0 and back up giving u more time, be careful not to slip the caffiene pill back in it kills him, and when u pull out the pull remember the green shit comes back so cut it and vacuum it asap.

  101.   Blaze Says:

    can someone tell me what i’m doing wrong? i’m following the previous posted instructions for Junk in act 3 with the bomb… but when i cut the wires in order, and pull out the pins and burn the 3 fuses, but nothing happens…. is there a particular order i’m supposed to do it in?

  102.   Kat Says:

    How the heck do you take the pins out of junk? I use the grabbers but I can’t grab them. What am I doing wrong?

  103.   Shay Says:

    How do u beat the chick in act three the one tht starts with an a

  104.   Lucky Says:

    Need to beat horrace lvl 1 – can’t close wound when all ants are killed. Plz help.

  105.   mike Says:

    how do i beat the squid i killed it it wont let me get the arms

  106.   hayley Says:

    Hi i need help, i have done all of act 1 but it just says act 2 coming soon, how do i move on to it ???

  107.   hayley Says:

    kat you have to cut round the nails to get them loose first, then u can pull them out.

  108.   Quinsy Says:

    How do u get rid of the spiders that just runs away in all directions? =O

  109.   Bob Says:

    mike zap it

  110.   Andre Says:

    can u pleas help me with the coffee guy?

  111.   Colleen Says:

    Andre, when his heart rate gets too high just zap him with the car battery. His heart will restart all by itself.

  112.   Ice Says:

    1.who do you unlock all the secret file people(I’ve got bum)
    2.how do you do peter in act 3 with the spiders eggs he looses blood too fast

  113.   Ice Says:

    I ve done it niw never mind but how do you do the chick the fires won’t go out

  114.   Brendan Says:

    How do I close up the wound that the scorpions come out of in Trent file 3 please help it’s doin my head in.

  115.   Anna Says:

    How do I get pass Donny? I’ve tried my best but I just couldn’t do it! What r we suppose to do? What’s the trick? Anybody knows?

  116.   meih Says:

    keep zapping karl

  117.   meih Says:

    paste the staples on the corners of the pimp block

    how to get past the 2nd trent

  118.   meih Says:

    get how to kill the scorpians,kill them with the chainsaw then suck up the poison

    i dont get how to close the big scorpian hole

  119.   JS0696 Says:

    Junk 2…I’ve cut the wires in order, taken out the pins, and burned the fuses…nothing happens after that…am I missing something…I’ve only seen one other post that’s happened in…really frustrated!!!

  120.   Parul Says:

    how do we beat guts in file 3 ?????????????? if anyone knows this plz tell me fast

  121.   Roxxi Says:

    How do u blow up the fuses in junk in file 3? I finish taking out the pins but I am not able to burn the fuses on the side… Can someone please help me!!

  122.   SB Says:


    JUNK in Act 3 is driving me crazy! I cut the wires in order, I pull the pins, I burn the damn fuses…then what?????

    Plus, how do I unlock the secret files? I got B.U.M. The robot but not the other 2…any help would be greatly appreciated as my kids want their iPod back & I
    want to finish this damn game!!!!!

  123.   Chewii Says:

    How do you beat bum?

  124.   SB Says:

    Finally figured out Junk (Act 3) butnow Dewayne is driving me crazy!

    Still looking for a way to unlock other two secret patients…got the robot…

  125.   mr. penis Says:

    On junk 3 the fuses are the arrows. Get the lighter and wave it across the arrows.
    To get the 2nd secret file ,on the pimp level, staple both his nipples and dot the i in the “pimp” plate.

  126.   Gem Says:

    How do you beat horrace act 3?

  127.   aj Says:

    what do you do in act 2 with the pirate after yu cleaned up the octopus ink in the heart

  128.   caleb Says:

    how do u beet level 10

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  130.   ALEX Says:

    ok so im on my ipod playing amutaer surgen and i cannot get past the last guy on file three!!!! can someone please help me?????

  131.   ALEX Says:

    somebody please help me ill do anything!

  132.   billy bob Says:

    to beat Horace you need to use the battery and then use the chainsaw to kill the worm and then as soon as you do that get the battery again and kill the spider…then there will be a nest and more spiders, but sometimes ants…and then at the very last cutin you will see a big scorpion use the chainsaw and kill it then its three little baby scorpions…then stitch him up and you are done

  133.   Bella Babe Says:

    I can’t get past Donny the pimp.
    I put staples all over the gold pimp sign then it says funky. Then, when I try to put more staples, it doesn’t let me! What do I do after that?

  134.   quddie Says:

    how do u beat the junk in act 3 I cant cut the wires or do anything after I remove the food what am I doing wrong!!! I see the code but is the #’s for the square or the rectangle pieces. I am lost and do u have to vac the fluid up before u cut the wires. help

  135.   Amsterdam Says:

    You sound a he’ll of a lot like Billy Mayes or sham wow guy

  136.   Sam Says:

    How do u stop the fire in the chick?!?!?

  137.   Meganr Says:

    I dont know what to do after I it the wires, to defuse the bomb in Junks stomah. I can’t remove the pins.

  138.   Daisey Says:

    Does anyone know exactly what to do after you charge up the batteries on Bum??? I can’t figure it out and I can’t find anyone that knows how to.

  139.   Dan Says:

    For bum: use steps above then use lighter on the 3filled tanks that will get u 2step 3

  140.   Anno Says:

    For Karl the Coffee Guy:
    His heart rate gets too high so when his heart rate reaches over 150 give him 2 zaps with the car battery. For the poison, cut three times on each patch of poison then heal it with the fire and cream. Use the itchy sketch board to find the pills and then use the pizza cutter to VERY CAREFULLY cut out the pills then cut along the yellow lines. After u have pulled the pills out poison will show so cut the poison 3 X on each patch and heal it with the fire and cream. Only after uve finished the poison, staple the wound and heal it with fire and cream. do the same with all of the other pills and pull the pills out S L O W L Y make sure you keep checking the heart rate. he’ll die if it gets too high. every time it gets over 150, give it 2 zaps

  141.   Really need help Says:

    Helpppp mee !!!!!! I can’t get past Donny And I’ve tried all the staple suggestions it’s annoying

  142.   Angie Says:

    PLEASE someone help me with the girl in file three I have tried everything

  143.   Ivy Says:

    To get rid of anthills, zap them with the battery

  144.   TheChin Says:

    Um I can’t get by the boss leech with the crown over that guys heart in act 3

  145.   Help Says:

    I need help with eddy the dog which is the 2nd eddy and I don’t know what to do can someone please help me

  146.   manny Says:

    can somebody help me!!!!!!!!!!!i am stuck on level 1

  147.   Stuck Says:

    I need help on Donny the pimp I’ve tried every thing for the medal it don’t work !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148.   Zac Says:

    staple the corners of the plate. worked for me.

  149.   maple leaf Says:

    can someone please help me beat peter in act 3….i keep cuttin the spider eggs one at a time an keep sucking up the poison an then repairing the wounds…but i cannot beat him, i either run out of time or he loses to much blood…PLZ HELP!!!!

  150.   Mamabear Says:

    All you have to do for the pimp is staple as close to the edges as possible, Staple all around the edges and it should work. I hope I helped :)

  151.   Lowin Says:

    I am on the very last guy on the secret file and it unlock him? Why not?

  152.   Lowin Says:

    I mean it won’t unlock him

  153.   kerie Says:

    need help with eddy act 2 keep on killing him when trying to get rid of infection any tips or hints…..

  154.   I luv kpop Says:

    Help pls with bum :)

  155.   gg Says:

    my f***ing JUNK is keep dying on me!!! i do everything…i cut the wires, take the pins out but the fuses won’t burn!!!!!

  156.   gg Says:

    oh, i finally made it!!! It worked, finally worked!!! OH, Happiness :D F*** this game

  157.   luvlygirl Says:

    plz help wid trent file3

  158.   luvlygirl Says:

    need help wid peter file 3 2

  159.   luvlygirl Says:

    how do u stop da spiders cumin out of da hole in peter file 3.plz batain or jaldi karain

  160.   luvlygirl Says:

    is any1 there

  161.   luvlygirl Says:

    omg peter dies or time ends b4 i can do the third hole

  162.   luvlygirl Says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me wid peter act 3 am begin u

  163.   sydney Says:

    i cant figure out how to kill the worm in dwayne number 20

  164.   Dana Says:

    I need help with the second Trent can anyone help?!?!?!?

  165.   Dana Says:


  166.   Coco12345 Says:

    OKAAAYYYYYYYY i need help with GUTS file 3!!!!

  167.   SL Says:

    SOS need help on on the version 2 number 20 ,, how to kill the worm which keep on coming out fringing heart??? Anyone know??? The fxxking worm Driving me crazy dy, can’t kill him , keep on repeating the something only …

  168.   JessOne Says:

    B. U. M. : 1) use green stuff on red button to open him up. 2) vacuum blood. 3) vacuum over battery holes until green. 4) use green stuff on three rust spots. 5) burn battery holes so all three are on fire, this takes you to the next stage. 6) staple four yellow wires where they are broken. 7) use battery charger on the buttons in each corner then use it on the middle battery itself. 8) enjoy your victory ;)

  169.   Carlie Jo Says:

    I am stuck on junk in file 3. I play this game on my iPhone and I absolutely have no idea what to do after I get the food off the bomb. I been stuck since last night. Can someone video themselves doing it or email me and give me step by step on how to do it. It’s driving me crazy bc I love this game!! Haha please please help!

  170.   my name Says:

    okay for both the vacume and the corkscrew you have to follow the red box with your finger for a while.

  171.   my name Says:

    to get the food off of the bomb you have to use the tongs and drag it to the tray ( hint: you dont need to get rid of every piece of food ) then you cut the wires in order and then take the pins out of the barals but thats where i get stuck someone help!

  172.   On Says:

    I finished bum secret files but they didn’t get me lock out the next action! What did I do wrong? Help me! Anyone has experienced this kind of this situation?

  173.   cyril Says:

    will someone please help i dont how to finish the squid i deafeated the squid but when i got out the tentacles outside turend into red rectangles

  174.   Blah Says:

    I’m stuck on bleed in part three. The fires never go out HELP! :[

  175.   Breezy Says:

    How do u staple shut the 2 smallest cuts on the burglar? It keeps hurting him wen I try to staple them shut!

  176.   Steff Says:

    Ok Im on the last level-how do i kill the centipede-electricitIy? Fire?

  177.   chelsea Says:

    hi i need help in cant do bleed on file 3

  178.   tiff Says:

    NEED HELP WITH PETER IN ACT 3 PPPPPLLLLLLLEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEEE! I make it to the last hole and run out of time or bleed to death….uuuuugggghhhhh! HELP ME PLEASE!

  179.   Babymomma Says:

    How do yu get an A on donny the pimp to unlock the 2nd secret file character

  180.   Angelorbrat Says:

    How do I unlock the mystery people ?

  181.   Mandy Says:

    I need help with aureola file 3 she keeps dieing on me!

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