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Super Mario 63 Walkthrough/secrets

This walkthrough/cheats section is for Super Mario 63. A cross between super mario 64 and mario sunshine.

Castle Secrets:

Beginner Cheats:


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83 Responses to “Super Mario 63 Walkthrough/secrets”

  1.   Action Games Says:

    Thanks for the walkthrough, definitely will help me in a couple of spots!

  2.   Jaxerell Says:

    There must be different versions of Super Mario 63…

  3.   The Gamer Says:

    Go to newgrounds, it’s different.

  4.   god Says:

    good walkthroughs

  5.   Mario Says:

    Does anyone know where the last castle star coin is located in the newgrounds version? (not in the room with the snowy painting nor on top of the 4 star doors)

  6.   LOOP Says:


  7.   Bobo Says:

    Ummm… I got the full version and i need help getting one more star coin. Its in the story line and i can’t find it!!!

  8.   joe Says:

    good walkthru and secrets but some things u need to unlock first

  9.   HIBOY14 Says:

    HOW TO GET TO THE LAST COURSE: STEP 1 go outside with only 63 shine sprites and 63 star coins Step 2 go and cannon on the castle Step 3 go and go use the sling star on top of the castle you will get 3 1-Ups and a wing cap then keep flying when you reach water then you will be at last course Enjoy it if you beat the Whole game tell me how to beat the last level

  10.   HIBOY14 Says:

    i love it i got one more star coin and shine and this game

    rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im number 1

  11.   HIBOY14 Says:

    sorry they did not edit it its half my review

  12.   chscrazie Says:

    how do u beat kamek’s castle? i cant hit him. i used the rocket flood but i just fly over him then through him to the ground. does anyone no how to beat him?

  13.   chscrazie Says:

    oh and im playin on mario vs sonic .com if that helps anyone? im stuck.

  14.   HIBOY14 Says:

    dont tell me how to win i beat it now i have all shine sprites and star coins the last door has mushrooms its call ed the Mush-room

  15.   HIBOY14 Says:

    sorry i messed up

  16.   makke Says:

    URGENT… LOL…. i have 63 star coins and 64 shine sprites…. i know where the 64th star coin…. mine is in the 3rd… or last bowser castle… it’s on top of the main door inside that steel thing…. I KNOW WHERE IT IS … i just don’t know how to get it…. can anyone help me??!! please!!

  17.   Anonymous Says:

    @ makke
    I think you’re talking about the Boo’s castle? You need to enter the 2nd door from left at the upper floor, (4 doors lower floor, 4 doors upper floor), then pick up the Invisible star without falling down (use Hover fludd), then exit the door where u enter again, then use Rocket fludd to jump up. With the invisible star u can enter the steel.

  18.   pivotdude245 Says:

    how do you get the star out side of the castle in new grounds?

  19.   CloudXXX Says:

    My data keeps deleting itself over and over again.
    Does anyone know what it’s caused from or how to stop it?

  20.   Bob from the western frontier Says:

    Uh how do you get through the endless staircase? I have 32 shine sprites, and I still dont think its possible to get up to the top. “The curse is broken of the endless staircase!” “Oh really?” “no.” So I could use some help.

  21.   james Says:

    Does anyone know how what the castle secret levels are for each group? A,B,or C?

  22.   ka Says:

    where is the last shine sprite in the bo-omb place (the secret one?

  23.   brawl Says:

    secret of the mountain? go into the painting. go to the last section (where the bob-omb king is). don’t climb mount bob-omb. go to the right and walk into the next mountain. you will get into a nice level where you can get the last shine sprite of the bob-omb valley!

  24.   alex Says:

    @ ka
    1. u go to the other side of the course (the mountain).
    2. find the place where the heavy balls come out on the ground
    3. keep going right till u get to a wall that looks like there is a door there.
    ENJOY!!! =D

  25.   Ryan Says:

    Infinite Lives. Go to The Room with Snowman’s Land Painting in it and go right to the secret passage. Swing (with X) the block, and 100 Coins will come out. Get all 100 Coins. Then go into the painting, exit the course, and get the 100 coins again. repeat this trick millions of times to get infinte lives.

  26.   Ryan Says:

    Does anyone know where the castle secret star finale for ??? Group? and All 8 red coins for the final challenge?

  27.   Ryan Says:

    If people have problems like their data keeps deleting, It’s either you forgot to save, then save, it’s a glitch, refresh the page, or you press your file and accidently click delete and press “Yes, Delete” by mistake instead of clicking “Create” or “Play”

  28.   raxod502 Says:

    Does anyone have a star list? Of the names of all the stars? I made one but it got deleted…

  29.   mario master Says:

    the name of some castle secret stars in super mario 63(newgrounds version)
    1:jolly roger bay 2:magma maze 3:frosty fludd 4:edge of mushroom kingdom.
    these is hard to find.
    about star coins,the last castle star coin is at ‘edge of mushroom kingdom’
    starcoin doors: door 1 (16starcoin):shine sprite
    door 2(32 starcoin)luigi
    door 3(48 starcoin)shine sprite
    door 4:(64 starcoin)(only few people know this)lives room(50+lives)

  30.   mario master Says:

    actually i already have 64 shine sprites and 64 star coins
    about how to unlock the cannon out side the castle(newgrounds version) get 63 shine sprites to unlock it!

  31.   ethan Says:

    how do you get to the storyline????????????????????????? if you need help on how to get luigi i have help. go to the 5 starcoin door and at the end go to door 2 and warp in to luigi!!! like super mario 64 ds!? you can only play as mario and luigi ok

  32.   ethan Says:

    and by the way you need 32 starcoins

  33.   nacho Says:

    no nedd none star coin,it’s false the cheats

  34.   ssbbmasta Says:

    I need one more star coin in the castle. where is it?

  35.   ssbbmasta Says:

    where is jolly roger bay? I need to know.

  36.   awesomeguy Says:

    can someone tell me how to get all of the castle seceret coins and sprites on super mario brothers .org

  37.   rystronack Says:

    jolly roger bay? go to the main hall. go in the top door. go on the elevator and look CLOSELY on the left wall. you will find hidden bricks. go in between them, and ta-da! u are in jolly roger bay!

  38.   ka Says:

    how do you get the sprite in blue/green color room in boo’s level?

  39.   luigiguy Says:

    i have luigi

  40.   cooldude43 Says:

    If you want to play as Luigi then you have to get 32 Star Coins First

  41.   cooldude43 Says:

    I want to know how to get past Super Mario 63 with only 1 Shine Sprite!

  42.   JackSucks Says:

    I have got them all! I mean all the Star Coins and Shine Sprites! That game is awesome!

  43.   superstar Says:

    does anyone know how to get to the door on the backyard on top of the big green grass thing?

  44.   James Nugent Says:

    why isnt there a star outside the castle in the one im playing? do u need to earn it?? im stuck at 6 shine brights and cant find a new level to get more

  45.   RoCk Says:


  46.   Bobo the monkey Says:

    How did you get the full version?

  47.   Elo Says:

    comment avoir la version complete???? comment tuer big boo merci

  48.   Jennifer Says:

    Wheree do I get the complete version?

  49.   Dj Says:

    the last star in bomb-omb battlefield go all the way down til’ you see a ball lancher then there are two lines wich leads to rhe last star :D

  50.   Dj Says:

    the full version is is on newgrounds,sheezyart

  51.   Dj Says:

    Luigi=32 star COINS THAT IS ALOT 0_0

  52.   Dj Says:

    To get the star coin in the steel thing in bowser’s castle,go to the right door,get the key,then go to the top wich leads to a invisible star,then go rush back ,jump on the ride thing,then you’ll easly slip though the steel!:D

  53.   Dj Says:


  54.   Dj Says:


  55.   Dj Says:

    sorry for cussin’ to.

  56.   koj Says:

    super mario 63 cheats well done not cheast?

  57.   boki Says:

    how to jump on backyard left on this door

  58.   boki Says:

    kako da se skokne na leva vrata u dvoriste.translate this from serbian language to english.i wll be grateful to you until the end of life

  59.   Henry Says:

    how do u unlock upper castle

  60.   alex Says:

    endless staircase check if you are mario if you are not mario you cant get up

  61.   boki Says:

    i beat super mario 63.game is super game

  62.   Connor Says:

    number 4 in beginner secrets is not a secret place you can just jump into the painting.

  63.   mariohero Says:

    where is the endless staircase


    i cant come to that jolly roger bay and the slingstar is in the chair the wall i dont see hidden bricks and i tried the whole wall, but no jolly roger bay. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE i play the runouw version

  64.   mariohero Says:

    sorry for my bad english. i am dutch, u know

  65.   Greg Says:

    Hi, Bob from the western frontier. I can help.
    The is a secret passage in the cieling above you in the staircase leading to the room with Lethal Lava Land. It takes a couple of tries, but you’ll get to it. Just follow the path where it goes, and I think it will lead you to a secret room with rocket FLUDD. when you have it, go back down, and stand under the entrance to the Secret of the Mushroom and the press the space bar, with the rocket FLUDD on. It will lead you to the entrance to Bowser’s castle, not just the endless staricase. Make sure you are using Mario when you go up the staicase.

  66.   antonio Says:

    chscrazie try the newgrounds .com it is better than y8

  67.   Doll Says:

    Ok.. so I am VERY new at this. I am at the Sand thingy… Someone walk me thru it? =)

  68.   Tyler Says:

    letha lava land. where is it. ??????????????????????????????????????

  69.   Tyler Says:

    Sand thingy?Sandy Land?I don’t know.

  70.   Tyler Says:

    Walkthrough please for end of the mushroom kingdom

  71.   Tyler Says:

    Tyler says says. ha

  72.   Tyler Says:

    tipe “cheat” on “choose file” to get cheats. Unlock evrything and toggle shine sprites on star map. On the star map click on shine sprites to get them.

  73.   Tyler Says:


  74.   jojojo Says:

    mario la estreya esta donde las pinturas blancas ai ai un hueco bas te metes subes las escaleras y yegas a la moneda

  75.   shasha Says:

    can someone help me i can’t find the secret passage of wet dry world?

  76.   Tyler Says:

    idon’t know. i sorta just go there.

  77.   Daniel100% Says:

    Please Help┬┐How Do I Get To The Last Secret Course? I Have 64 Shines! (Using The Type: Cheat )

  78.   person Says:

    i changed my name

  79.   daniel Says:

    its bloked for me but i know enogh secrets any way

  80.   daniel Says:



  81.   daniel Says:

    hey guys in bowsers 1st trap go on that block under the
    other blocks and press DOWN when you get to the end of the
    first block,and youll go through a warp pipe strait to bowser!

  82.   Erran Says:

    How do you unlock the underwater door?

  83.   Fasguy Says:

    Thanks for all the tips
    ps: actually I’m German

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