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SaS Zombie Assault 2 walkthrough

These walkthrough videos are for the game SaS Zombie Assault 2.


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146 Responses to “SaS Zombie Assault 2 walkthrough”

  1.   zomb0_k1ller Says:

    i cant get past lvl 28
    its so bloody hard
    and im ranked 9 out of 38 internationally

  2.   zomb0_k1ller Says:

    sas zombie assault 2
    tip: camp in infermary with max security

  3.   some guy Says:

    get mp5, then scar, then hk417, then adws turret, then mg4

  4.   a guy Says:

    if you get to captain then use the enfeild you get to like wave 10 without going to next area

  5.   tom Says:

    if you can hold out that long, you could just use enfield, then mp5 (i use ak47) then hk417 then adws turret, then mg4.

    by missing out the scar, you can get to the turret faster :)

  6.   tom Says:

    also, i found it useful to only open the access to areas you need for the weapons you need. Such as i dont open the infirmary until i need the mg4, and i dont open the latrines at all as i dont use either the SCAR or the g4 rifle. This just limits down the number of potential attack points and helps control your money so you can get your next weapon faster

    hope this helps

  7.   Lee Says:

    Well i got to level 23 just using the mp5-and shotgun just kept switching between them saved up to the mg4 and got to level 42

  8.   kelsey paul Says:

    yeh its pretty easy to get to level 30 you just got to get the weapons you need like for me all i need is the shotgun and the turrets and that’s it

  9.   dex Says:

    i find it easiest to use enfield, mp5, g3 assault then mg4, thats all. does anyone here know what the levels actually go up to?

  10.   Alienus Says:

    I got through the hole game and just buy the mp5 and then i buy the hk 417 in wave 18 or 19 then i’ll buy the wall and the steel wall, then the max security.
    after this i buy the last aviable gun and kill enought to buy me the 4000$ sentry gun… and this a few times and then i gonna win

  11.   Commander204 Says:

    I would suggest holding up inside the kitchen, max security, HK417(Or the AA12 shotgun if you have a account), and at least two ADWS in the lounge (a.k.a. the room just below the kitchen.). Been helping me survive about five times and still keeping count. Also make sure you open up all the areas so you can reap more kills and move about more if you get overwhelmed. I believe that I should have the Zombie Genocide achievement by now. xD And on a side note, this is a really addictive game. :D

  12.   Commander204 Says:

    Oh, and before killing the last zombie, be sure to go around and mend every barricade.

  13.   a person Says:

    I need help on where the guns are
    like a list of infirmary SCAR or something like that…please help.

  14.   rawr Says:

    what does badassness do?

  15.   Angeal Says:

    i have completed the game many times . and i ranked to top too

  16.   bapat Says:

    badassness doubles your bar of health

  17.   n4z1 z0m6i3 Says:

    so i get the lee enfield i survive for like 5 rounds then i leave and then i save up and survive with lee enfield then i buy scar get enough for turret room get the turret and m60 unlocked then i save up for big turret and i get 2 round 25 and i cant beat the skeltons and i hardly have enough money 2 get the mg4 and i die cause theres like 200000000000000000000 skeltons

  18.   SgtGramm Says:

    lol i beat it =) just get g3 and then turrets camp in hall infron of infirm

  19.   dude Says:

    Can i get unlimited cash?

  20.   Zero Says:

    auto shotty is great for hordes especially if u have fast reload 2 go wit it. if ur captain the extra health really helps. auto shotty rips through the hordes like a knife through hot butter… mmmmm butter ;)

  21.   lallum Says:

    hey y not stay in first room till round 5 then open next door get mp5 then stay with two rooms till about round 10-11 then open the reception and leave it as that buy shotgun and u should do well if u start to go under open the car park up it great for hiding

  22.   joey Says:

    if you sign up get “emily” the free rifle use that until level like 7 (haul up where you start) or until that white thing comes (kill all the zombies[white monster comes last]then just keep constantly pressing “f” then you dont get a scratch)once its dead leave then get the mp5 then ak then go into the worship area throw grenades (10 free also when you sign up) and haul a*s!

  23.   Phoenix5x Says:

    Street – MP5 – $50
    Reception – M870 Shotgun – $125
    Vehicle Depot – AK47 – $250
    Latrines -G3 – $1500
    Latrines -SCAR – $1250
    Mess Hall -Sniper – $2000
    Captains Office – Assault Rifle – $3500
    Infirmary -G4-$10000
    Workshop-Sentry-$4000 and $10000

  24.   JC Says:

    It’s 30 levels. Not really that hard if you collect massive amounts of grenades, and going down to the room all the way at the bottom right side of the map. There are three barricades (two at the bottom) that barely ever get any activity. Just guard the top, stay there pressing F and G. I just want to know how to get more than 160k points.

  25.   UNKNOWN Says:

    it sorta doesn’t count if you use premium weapons or use permium items cause most people won’t waste there money on some online game …. but im just saying

  26.   8=D Says:

    i love this game…. i cant beat it tho…. fudge.

  27.   BlakHart Says:

    Use Einfield until around Wave 7-8, no need to purchase the MP5; I used the Shotgun til around Wave 14. When you get enough cash, get the HK417(or whichever gun you prefer), then purchase either the big girl sentries or little girls…… Has anyone gotten General rank yet? I’ve only 331400 EXP, and gotten as far to Wave 29.

  28.   :((( Says:

    i cant get past wave 10, that fat green one with the butcher knife always kills me

  29.   person Says:

    what do the skills do like can somebody make a list please

  30.   Robert Says:

    Do f***** that i get the lee enfield than the scar and rape them zombies oh ya i have general it helps a little…. save all money and get max security and then but atuo truuent things

  31.   SonofNapalm Says:

    All I know is up to Major:

    Corporal: Red dot sight- places a red dot where your bullets will hit if you are using a pistol or a semi-auto weapon.
    Sergeant: Radar- adds a display to the bottom right corner of the screen that says where you, the zombies, and bonuses are
    Lieutenant: Faster Reload: Self-explanatory
    Captain: Badassness: 2X health
    Major: high capacity magazine: 2X magazine capacity. EX: Pistol now hold 60 rounds, not 30, MP5 holds 120 rounds, not 60.

    What I do is upgrade the barriers twice, then go to reception. By running in circles around the zombies and fixing the barrier, I can get to wave 19 without high capacity magazines. I’m seeing how far I can go with now.

  32.   SonofNapalm Says:

    I can now go to wave 21, and was about to get a sentry when I died. This time, I’m trying running in circles in the vehicle bay.

  33.   person Says:

    see the problem is i am a general so i have unlocked all the perks just don’t know what the last one does

  34.   DrgnSlyr Says:

    i love this game but i can’t get passed lvl 19 :( and i get to lvl 19 with just the shotgun, handgun (obviosly), and the $4000 Sentry Gun :)

  35.   Bubba Says:

    yo, i’ve played insane assylum and made in to wave 13 in the first room with the pistol. then i had cash to run over and buy the shotgun and open rooms and s*** it was awesome!
    is there an unlimited money cheat for the regular appartment?

  36.   SonofNapalm Says:

    what does sentry gun engineer do?

  37.   SonofNapalm Says:

    Oh, and to the guy above talking about how no one would spend money on premium items: It doesn’t matter, because you get the Lee-Enfield free and ten grenades free.

  38.   Cursed Says:

    heres my best way i got to wave 27 this way 1. Sign up and use enfield rifle till you have 150 dollars. 2. upgrade barriers to braced logs and keep going with enfield 3.get 300 and upgrade to brick cades 4.keep usign enfield till you get 100 more and open the door for next room 5. get MP5 (you wont have to use it very long) 6. open vehicle bay and get the AK47 7.okay get cumfy cause you gona be killing for a while… collect 250 and open latrines ( this will be your main camp out spot) collect the G3 and Scar (you wont NEED scar but ive heard some good thing about it) 8. use AK till you can afford a G3 (click fast for rapid fire) youll be using this gun for the majority of rounds 9. collect money and go unlock the sentry guns (bottom left rooms) set 1 sentry gun in middle of lobby(room above latrines) (4000 dollar sentry) this will be a good defender 10. camp mainly in bathroom till you can afford the 3500 dollar HK417. youll use this for a while (till you can afford G4) 11. be careful for skinless demon and kill whenever you see (it turns dead bodies to skeletons)

  39.   Vinny Says:

    Colonel gets you double ammo and half reload time sentrys. anyone know what general is yet?

  40.   SonofNapalm Says:

    Vickers sentries are more worth the money than max security. Don’t spend the money on max security, because the sentry will add to your firepower, and kill weaker zombies for you.

  41.   tyler Says:

    the last perk is you get 2 run 2x faster

  42.   Tatsuhiro Says:

    Clearing the game is easy, scoring high score is hard.
    I cleared this countless times but I never got beyond 120,000 T__T

  43.   Tatsuhiro Says:

    And general makes you run faster, I believe.

  44.   hotmo Says:

    yo im a majior and im getting stuck on wave 20 there are like a thousand of those zombies and i cnt seem to get past them does anyone knw bout how to get more money and faster with some good stragities

  45.   IDK Says:

    wat is witness the fitness mean( the general rank)?

  46.   hotmo Says:

    idk wat it means im not even close to that rank i need a whole nother rank to go before i get to that rank

  47.   IDK Says:

    i am a colonel and the freaken skeleton things kill me on wave 26 ugh…

  48.   General Ed Says:

    I got to like wave 29 by using the einfeld in room 1 until wave 10 kept the zombies behind barricades upgraded to grick wall then got the mpf in second room stayed there till wave 14 then got ak47 went to north cells ( the south cells are worthless ) stayed in big room until wave 24 with ak47 mpf and g3 in constant use got the medium machine gun got the light machine gun upgraded to max security on wave 27 ( held off zombies for 33 seconds or so) and this entire time i was saving up on grenades so i had like 88 and i got 2 bigass turrets and 4 mini turrets all in the cross intersection hallway i helped the turrets with low ammo and i finally got bored so i gave the game to my 10 year old brother who has a hella short attention span and just stood in the big room where you get the shotgun and g3 and just used the mp5, and when i got back i had to use the medium machine gun and all my grenades but died at the end of wave 29 because while i was rreloading my computer froze because of all the damned skeletons and I got hit by one of those resurrecting red zombies fireballs and died so i am sending in a paypal so i can buy the alien gun and regeneration cuz my cousin finished the game with that and all he did was buy turrets and nothing more

  49.   General Ed Says:

    I became a General on November like what day is it today like the 16th so igot it on the 14th and istarted playing a day earlier.

  50.   General Ed Says:

    it would be awesome if we could like play with another dude online. oh and use the circling strategy with the ak47, g3, mp5, light machine gun ( 10,000 one ), and medium machine gun P.s. the medium machine is 2x as strong as the 10,000 dollar one so get the medium first

  51.   IDK Says:

    i cant get past lv 49 to hard and i got everything from premium shop even health regeneration and its still to hard

  52.   Spike Says:

    dude im at general rank, been playing this game for a week and cant get past wave 25. i keep getting overwhelmed and i even have 4 little turrets and the hk. someone please help!!!!

  53.   toby Says:

    its great gettin a sentry in the room in the vehicle room then use enfeild and the gun below ak

  54.   dick Says:

    what does the sentry gun engineer do??????? and how do i use it

  55.   SonofNapalm Says:

    Sentry gun engineer doubles ammo on the sentry guns and halves reload time for sentry guns. You use it by clicking the little check-box next to the ability. By the way, how much ammo does the M-60 machinegun(the $7500 one) have? And how much more powerful than the AK is it? Because I just AK spam. Multiplayer online would probably be the best possible upgrade for this game. Or maybe a multiplayer online version of this that is completely separate.

  56.   zero328 Says:

    i could use some advice i can only get to lvl 20 useing mp5 only cuz idk where all the guns r i mean i only started about 5 hours ago im at the captain rank i kno what all thos skills do just dont kno where all the guns r can anyone help meh out plz?

  57.   That_guy555 Says:

    The M-60 machine gun ($7500) it has 200 ammo. It really kicks ass when you reach Major, 400 ammo then :) , i was kinda hoping that sentry engineer would let you make sentry guns :(

  58.   That_guy555 Says:

    Need some help getting past lvl 26. Anyone found a good way to kill the red demons?

  59.   R3BU Says:

    it would be cool if there would be SAS online

  60.   zombie master Says:

    the best way to kill demons (the ones who revive zombies into skeletons) is to get lots of small turrets (the 4000$ ones) and when the demon comes the swarm of bullets should stop him quickly get out of the room take the shotgun and get around him and shoot till he dies and watch out for other zombies coming at you

  61.   Colonel_Barbie Says:

    General rank gives you faster run speed, 2x I believe – And increases your damage slighlty (25%).

  62.   Blaze Says:

    A good strategy for the game is to get the Mochi account try the offers for free coins and buy either the M41A or the grenade launcher and hold up in the workshop and witness the body parts flying I quote Docter Edward Richtofen”So many body parts…I’M IN HEAVEN!”It should keep up for a while save up for the turrets from the unused money for weapons and buy as many turrets as needed and by the time it will end you will have atleast two ADWS turrets.

  63.   zombie slayer Says:

    this game is awesome!!
    the bad thing is i can’t save so every time i exit out of the game i have to reset my awards.
    it gets annoying

  64.   zombie slayer Says:

    the mp5 is in the street, the ak47 is in the vehicle area, the m60 and sentury guns are in the room flooding with zombies below the vehicle room(watch out), the shotgun is in the room right next to the vehicle room(again, zombies), and i don’t really go to any other room.

  65.   zombie slayer Says:

    some good strtages is when in a room the barrier breaks down, is to run in circles. that will keep zombies in the center for you to throw gernades and shoot. another is to keep the ak47 for a long time till it is not enough, then use the m60 and turrets(make sure you max out defense to)

  66.   zombie slayer Says:

    if any one finds out an infinint money cheat, let me know

  67.   M@ST3R Says:


  68.   MAxxLLoyd Says:

    save a slow zombie so you can rebuild. also upgread in the middle of a hard level so slow the flow of zombies.

  69.   MAxxLLoyd Says:

    use bolt action untill level 15 then buy g3.

  70.   kyle Says:

    i dont have an account or anything. can i use the hk417? if so where do i find it?

  71.   michael Says:

    witness the fitness makes u run faster … “fitness” ahaha :P and all the guns in weapons section are free only the ones in premium costm oney… unless u buy them… or make a account and get a smile and grenades… im maxed and beat the game…i just stalled till lv like 20? got a ADWS and the nkept buying them… and used g3 :D

  72.   Bob or Jayson Says:

    on insane asylum i got to wave 24 and then halfway thru it the zombies came back as skeletons and i ended up dying because i was cornered.. =P i had 2 $4000 sentry guns and 1 $10000 sentry gun, i was using the Semi-Auto shotgun but switched to the Hk when i got overwhelmed.. then died =P

  73.   TheJoker8D Says:

    Im almost general and the farthest i’ve gotten is lvl 26 with the m60 mg4 the 4k and 10k sent. and like 25 nades and i still die

  74.   someone Says:

    senetery guns arent good much i had 9 senetery guns for 4000$ each
    They dont do much damage get the 10000$ senetery gun and get the best gun for you if u have guns for 1500$ you will lose very quick i only got to wave 29 with SCAR

  75.   Game Helper Says:

    -only register at mochigames DONT buy if u dont wanna to
    -then go to premium tab and buy(its free)case of 10 granades and lee enfield rifile

    -whit your lee enfield rifile from wave 1 to wave 6 kill some zombies
    -dont forget to upgrade 2 times your defence
    -when the wave 6 is over open the street and buy MP5
    -wait 2 or 3 waves then open vheicle bay for 150$
    -then pickup AK47 and buy it for 250$
    -when you get AK47 and buy it go and open recepcion for 150$
    -dont buy the shotgun and unlock the toilet(on radar its in the right screen in the bottom
    -pickup the guns and get some money to buy SCAR, its better than G3 it does multi hits and dont forget to upgrade your defence
    -when you buyd SCAR or G3 you go and open workshop for 750$ and pickup the guns
    -dont lose money for senetery guns for 4000$ they are weak buy them for 10000$ and put them in a GOOD PLACE,the best place for me is down in the toilet(right bottom screen)watch the ammo!!!!!!
    -stay there and you MUST buy a better gun for your self,and try to upgrade your defence to max

    -its good if you have a high rank like major or colonel the best is general
    -move around in circles and kill zombies the very good defence
    -if u have any coins on your mochigames acc. buy some good stuff in premium tab
    -senetery guns arent very good your gun MUST be better or there is no hope for you
    -almost when the wave is over leae one zombie alive and move around fixing barricades
    -reload at the RIGHT TIME
    -the best things are the granades if you have many dont just trow them use them that time when you realy need them
    -if you have a mochigames acc. your xp will be save but not the level



  76.   hkm Says:

    how can i unlock weapons????
    my weapons are all locked!!!!

  77.   Drake25 Says:

    simply buy the items using the game money u get from killin the zombies.

  78.   Ded Man 101 Says:

    what rank is after the witness the fitness?
    because my meter is still going up and it is taking forever to rank up

  79.   AXEmen Says:

    So at first the game got 30lvl not 42 :D

    and i did it all with pistol and later in wave 22 workshop-sentrygun(10000$) then i saved my money to get the hk and completet it with hk and 2sentryguns ;-)

  80.   AFK ftw Says:

    hmmmm ive got 996000 xp and i cant win the closest ive gotten was where there was 1 demon and about 20 skeletons and i had about 1mm of my health bar left ive played this game about 500 times aaarrrrrggggg!!!!

  81.   za2 master Says:

    i can make it to round 40 with a mp40 xD :D
    the highest i ever made it to was 56

  82.   za2 master Says:


  83.   ben Says:

    zombie assualt 2 insane asylum: i passed easly all i did was get as many 10000 turrets as possible al i do is save up for the turret and place it either in the cell left and right then in the middle where all the zombies come i get the sniper to shoot through them as they are grouped together i passed easly and level 42? thats not possible ask me a question and i will replay

  84.   chaosfu Says:

    i get too lvl28 then i get killed by necros how should i get past it i usually have the mg4 with 2 or 3 turrets up but i still die on 28 :P i usually got to the the bathrooms or the infirmary any body got tips ? i got too general but doseint help :P

  85.   brayan Says:

    i save up all my money till wave 19 upgrade the shield buy the ak4 and then da double sentry gun it helps out alot

  86.   eng Says:

    I only got to lvl 19 and many butchers and guys with the long tongues get me.

    I only got to Captain. That is so sad. I usually camp out in the latrines where you get the SCAR. I can hold off many waves with the G3. If i could get to Major, then the G3 will have 80 rounds and they all will be meat paste.

    The latrines is a strategic place to hold out. If you gun down them at the part where you get the SCAR, just keep fixing the barrier and blow them up.

    Good Luck!

  87.   Kyle Says:

    I Beat This Game Using Only 3 Wepaons And Turrets I Started With The Einfeild Then Hold In The Start Room Till The Clowns Came Went and unlock all the way to the cafetira except i didnt open it yet bought the ak 47 once i could held there with the ak till i could open the cafetria and then held there till i got the g3 and used only the g3 till i got 4,000 then put a little turret right near the hall entrance and then kept saving up 10,000 and putting the big anti air like ones in the same general area so they could fire down the hall which sees the most enemies and then by wave 28-29 i actually did not fire a bullet no guys made it into the cafeteria with me and then on wave 30 the last guy was a blue one and i just walked over and blasted him and i won Without Premuim items cept the Einfeild and im not a General just a Colonel xD thats my strategy works best if u play a buntch so that u have turrent engineer by the time u get to ADWS ones My Score Is-207,xxx dun rmbr the last 3 digits and by the time i was done also i have like 20,000 but i didnt need any more turrets lol

  88.   jaredontheweb Says:

    best thing to do is use the ensfield until you have enough money to open the workshop and get the turrets, go to the reception area DO NOT OPEN ANYTHING ELSE just use the shotgun and the turrets, you’ll win.(the turrets do all the work you can buy the M60 if your getting bored though) I do not understand how to get more than 120 000 points though I have beat it several times but how do you get so many points?

  89.   someguy Says:

    if you want to get to last wave like i did you have to 1. get shotgun (get mp5 if you want) do NOT get skar ak or g3 rifles insted save then buy the hk 2. get turrets 3. camp in the garage south wall next to car then just move around in circles to kill ones that try to get behinde you 4. save up for adw turret then go back to infermary (even if enemys are in there) and set up the adw and kill anyone thats in side the infermary( make sure its in the door way to the wooden area of the house) then fix barriers then upgrade it (must still be wooden or else this wont work) 5. camp in infermary set up 1 vickers next to adw then another in the northern barrier of the infermary then set up 4 or 5 more vickers next to adw then set another vickers next to the eastern barrier 6. after wave after wave save for a m60(m4 and m60 make no difference except for fire rate power is the same cap is same) after you get m60 save for another adw then set it up in front of the adw you already have but a bit to the left and inside the hallway that leads to the infermary then just set up more vickers and have alot of grenades (use em only when the red demon things show up) you must also help the turrets via shooting the m60 else your dead and enemys get inside and chop you to smitherines…

    recommended rank: general
    does it work? yes i self approve of this cuz i used and i did i got 117k points check high score for vergil thats me
    if you dont follow what im saying email me at sync.fonfabre@yahoo.com
    thanks ppl

  90.   sanchez1998 Says:

    always use shotgun and mp5 cause i got to wave 16 and counting

  91.   sas zombie major Says:

    you know camp in the latrines and install five sentry guns and buy the hk417,ak-47,mp5,lee-enfield,scar,g3assault and try surviving wave 70-80

  92.   solomaster1 Says:

    Premium items own! Just buy the mp7 by getting FREE mochicoins by completing offers. got to level 27 with it and lost because my weapon changed to the lee enfield scored 99K. but what does general do?

  93.   FUNKYMAN909 Says:

    i beat the game its not that great

  94.   FUNKYMAN909 Says:

    what dose the gun enginear do

  95.   awsome Says:

    the easiest way to get trough is:
    1 get the flame thrower
    2 get more money per kill thing
    3 get more damage thing
    4 camp in the workshop with max security
    and load the room with 10,000$ sentry gun
    its a sure win

  96.   MGySgtHartsock Says:

    all i did was get the hk417 ASAP and just survive til i can get one of those big $10,000 sentry guns and i holed up in the infirmery with a turret in the middle of the hallway below the infirmery and have another in the upper left hand corner of the room and just tried to survive as long as i could i made it to wave 29 and i died because i did something stupid

  97.   Monkeymike3000 Says:

    This game is really easy i’m almost general and only in about 2 days.

  98.   dady king Says:

    hey all you guys suck dick at this game i got to wave 32 with only a handgun and a ak47 so what bitches and i got farther and i know how to kick zombie ass

  99.   dady king Says:

    O i for got to tell the secret bang a asian chick before playing the game and smoke a dubey and thats it so fuck ya

  100.   IntenseLover Says:

    Got General Rank within 6 hours.

    I’m curious though; I’m playing this game at ninjawiki.com and for some odd reason I can’t click on the free Enfield rifle and 10 free nades.

    The Mochigames tab on the upper left corner keeps on saying available to unavailable.

    And yes, I already signed for Mochigames and I even have it logged-in but still nothing.

  101.   skillerke Says:

    I’m close to the rank of general.
    IntenseLover, try to get the enfield and grenades on another website, i got them from free online games :)

  102.   qwertyspam Says:

    lol, got to wave 26 only with mp5 it’s so damn hard

  103.   swim4ever1331 Says:

    its so freaking easy!! i get bored from winning!
    1. Spend $10
    2. Get Proton Cannon
    3. Sit there and destroy everything wile you get 10000 over and over again
    4. Plant centry guns at barricades, Why put them in the middle of the market? they will only run out of bullets faster
    5. If you are in a jam pull out the M3 flamethrower
    This works for 2 and insane asylum

  104.   wakin9 Says:

    i buy 1 gun through the hole game… the g3 assault 1 hit kill if you get close then i set up the weak gun turrents. The hardest part is the necr’s because the make all the mosters you kill in to skeletons and they are hard to kill

  105.   A person Says:

    I would hack to get 999 grenades and freeze the amount with cheat engine 5.5 and then just keep pressing g and shaking the cursor everywhere hope it helps :)

  106.   Niteheart Says:

    Hey I got up to wave26 and this is how I did it

    1. Stay in the 1st room till wave7 or 8. You don’t really need the Mp5 yet. Upgrade your walls till brick throughout

    2. Unlock street, buy the Mp5. You’re gonna be using this gun for a while. Don’t unlock anything else.

    3. Fight up to about wave15-16. Make sure you upgrade to steel walls BEFORE wave15 at least. It’s gonna stay as your main defense for a while. Stay in the 1st room

    4. Your next gun should be the HK417 ($3500), which can be found in the CAPTAINS ROOM. After wave16/17/18, you should have enough money to unlock reception –> Mess hall –> captains room.

    5. with the HK417 and steel walls, you should be able reach round21 comfortably. Your next goal is to get the SENTRIES now. After round 21, you should have enough money. Unlock vehicle bay —> workshop

    6. Go back to 1st room. You’re gonna need the VICKERS sentry ($4000), so I recommend getting that first. Place near the street entrance. This should bring you to about wave23

    7. At this point, I made the mistake of buying another VICKERS. I think you can hold out to wave24/25, and then use the cash to buy ADWS ($10,000)

    8. Whatever it is, with the following, i survived till wave26, with HK417, STEEL WALLS, 2 VICKERS, 1 ADWS, till the bloody skeletons and demons came about

    Tip: ALWAYS repair walls, and even out your machine gun reloads (so that at least 1 is always reloading)

  107.   Tyr Says:

    Does the game have an end?

  108.   Mezz Says:

    i bought the premium pack, which was the biggest waste of money ever. I didn’t know there were 30 levels… first try after buying premium i didnt come close to losing; losing health even. Then i go into apocalypse mode and get 3rd on the list my first try….
    im disappointed that there are only 30 levels i was looking forward to it getting hard as i got past where i was stuck at 26.

  109.   stewey22 Says:

    the shot gun sucks i just get the mp5 and save up to the mg4 with the good turrets

  110.   97ohioAAAjackets Says:

    those fat slow green guys are f@#$ing anoying

  111.   alexis Says:

    este juego esta muy bueno, lo recomiendo mucho.

  112.   Aracely Tardugno Says:

    Another great write-up with good points, I have been a lurker right here for some time but hope to be more involved in the future.

  113.   Death_meister Says:

    O_O best way to save money and kick ass
    now this is for the guys who are maxed out on XP (since really youll play this for quite some time and probably max out before you get close to finishing)

    kill a few zombies with the pistol or lee enfield till u get 100 bucks (2 waves) grab the MP5 n kill more zombies (at least 6 levels) go to the room with the AK47, grab it and open the shotgun room (where the G3 is) now either buy the shotgun or use the AK47, dont buy the G3!
    now the trick is to stay in this room if you go to the top right corner the zombies will WALK AROUND the table in a straight line, use the SGun or AK to take em out…. if they surround you look for the smallest number of Zedds and blast through them keep on your feet!
    now if you buy the HK417 its alright, but i didnt buy it at all instead i saved up for an ADWS, place it in the middle of the room and it should cover you for a few levels, now here is another thing, dont buy anymore weapons, just AWDS, i got about 8 or 9 of em by level 28 (was still playing with AK47) , total carnage, save up on grenades ull need em for the red guys, DONT put up a defense in a compact room cause the clowns will kill you in 5 seconds….
    be brave and go for the prizes ( dropped stuff) at the start of each level even if its far away you got 80% chance to get to it and back without being harmed….

    i beat it without any mochi coins or special weapons apart from the lee enfield….. yeah and i played with the AK for most of the game….
    PS. if ur gonna buy a machine gun buy the m60 instead of the M4, its a bit slower with fire and reload but saves you 2500 that could be spent on an AWDS , and its got the same fire power

  114.   Chase Says:

    Tip: dont open the top room or the room in the hall way that leads to the top room. if you stand on the top right edge of the table the zombies line up in a line and its much easyer to shoot them. and buy a sentry gun then the M60 then more sentry guns

  115.   SSAE 16 News Says:

    SSAE 16 will require some more work on management’s behalf, if you are currently a service organization undergoing a SAS70 you should check with your consulting company on this.

  116.   nealonh Says:


  117.   tazelaar Says:

    if i use the skills like red dot sight, faster reload and all that. do i get less money or the same?

  118.   a result Says:

    Ho Ho Ho,

    This is VERY surprising!
    A NEW strategy for sas 2 !
    1. get an account
    2. use emily till wave 7
    3. open street&carpark
    4. buy kalashnikov
    5. wave 10 open workshop
    6. frag the horde
    7. unlock sentry & m60
    8. unlock reception
    9. collect grenades and kill till wave 20
    10. open lounge, corridor&kitchen
    11. place an ADWS in kitchen
    12. Buy L115A1
    13. stand in reception where everything lines up and shoot them
    14. buy&buy ADWSes and put it all in the kitchen
    15. when demon comes retreat to kitchen and snipe from there
    16. watch out for fireballs
    17. if you want you can buy M60
    18. helps if you are general rank
    19. dont unlock captain office(captain turned into legless zombie) and hospital. they will create more spawning areas.
    20. try to survive and use grenades if overwhelmed & dont forget to reload your ADWS!!!

    Hope this result helps
    You have to be a good gamer.

  119.   Zombie Raper Says:

    I hacked the game 2 get all gunz and 50000 moneyz
    and raped them all LOL

  120.   gangstabean Says:

    this game is amazing but really just stay in the first are till round 8 and save up on money dont get the mp5,ak, or the scar their really just money waisters get the shotgun and use it untill round 13-16 and as soon as u can get the g3 assault this is 1 of the top 3 most powerful guns on the game this should be your primary gun ! it help if u have badass, reload faster, and hi-cap mags once your around levels 19-23 sentry guns will b your main goal start out with 4 4000$ guns (cant remember wat their called haha) and set up shop (put guns and u in) the mess hall (arounf where infantry and captins quarters are) at level 24 b prepared for the wrost skelotons r the wrost and i garentee u will die here alot my current rank is Captin generaly if your a noob make up your own strategies get to no your maps first and if u have any questions about this or what ive said i have an AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) and its gangstabean2468 all lower case and im pretty much on everyday from 3-11pm and ya i hope this helped :-)

  121.   a result Says:

    dude! strategy for better scores!!!
    emily to wave 10
    open street, carpark, workshop(frag the horde!) and reception
    get sentries and stay in reception
    buy ak and rip em to wave 20 (you will have to use a few grenades)
    put adws at reception barricade
    buy m60
    put more adws 2point to street and 1 point to traffic cones(all of them must be put in the reception)
    if u want then put one adws at the dubble yellow line(veh bay entrance)
    win with 120k++pts.
    get general and mind adws ammo!

    hope this result helps
    you have to be a good gamer

  122.   lol Says:

    1. go till about wave 5 in starting area with SMLE (premium rifle)
    2. unlock street
    3. get and buy the AK47 (right below the jeep)
    4. hold out with that gun until you can unlock the workshop.
    5. Kill the guys inside.
    6.Get the Sentry guns and M60
    7. doing this right should get you to wave 19 when all the big guys come in, DO USE ANY GRENADES AT WAVE 19 OR BEFORE UNLESS EMERGENCY. (A little health loss isn’t an emergency)
    8. If you get to the end of wave 19 you should have enough for the M60 so buy it.
    9. Earn enough money and open up the offic area and go down and open up the lower area.
    10. Get money for Sentry guns and place them all around the lower office area. (Reloading them is good)
    Hope this will help! :)

  123.   lol Says:

    Edit: 9: Use those saved grenades to defeat Wave 10 along with the M60.
    10. Earn enough money and open up the offic area and go down and open up the lower area.
    11. Get money for Sentry guns and place them all around the lower office area. (Reloading them is good)
    Hope this will help!

  124.   zombie killah Says:

    what does witness the fitness do? [General Rank]

  125.   Jared Says:

    zombie list for SAS zombie assault 2 insane aslyum:

    average joe: self-explanatory.

    sprinters: statistically the same as average joe, just faster moving.

    lickers: statistically the same as the average joe, but they attack with their tongues which does damage and can take quite a bit more damage to die.

    clowns: annoying as hell, very fast and very endurable mofos, but they can only hurt you by exploding themselves. my tip is to let them get close to you, then run away when they are about to explode, the second way is to kill them extremely fast when they are far away from you with a kick ass gun. you will hear an evil laughter is heard when they spawn.

    fatties: they are tied with clowns as the most annoying zombies. very slow, with a slow attack but longer reach than regular zombies and much stronger. my tip is to keep your distances, they themselves aren’t as annoying as what is in them. when killed they will release 5 lil’ tiny fucking infected tape worms that chase you down, they are weak but require precise aiming to shoot at and do alot of damage really quickly to you.

    bloody maries: they are relatively fast, and extremely strong, with a long reach to top it off. they are relatively easy to kill given you have enough space, and a good gun but fucking hard when they bring friends. you will hear a clicking sound similar to the grudge when they spawn.

    demons: they are the most endurable zombies in the game but about as slow as fatties, they can’t hurt you directly however they can summon minions and shoot balls of fire at you. kill them very fast as you will find fighting their minions a complete annoyance, keep your distance if possible since they will only spawn skeletons when you are close.


    pp26 pistol: 30 round clip, semi-automatic, hallow point, very low damage

    enfield: 10 round clip, break-action, hallow point, very high damage

    mp5: 60 round clip, fully automatic, hallow point, very low damage

    m870: 15 round clip, pump-action, buck-shot, very high damage

    ak47: 60 round clip, fully automatic, hallow point, low damage

    G3: 40 round clip, semi-automatic, semi-expanding, high damage

    Scar: 60 round clip, burst fire, semi-expanding, high damage

    700 N. E., 20 round clip, semi-automatic, armor piercing, super high damage (Note: this gun has a shitty cooldown)

    HK: 60 round clip, fully automatic, semi-expanding, high damage

    M60: 200 round clip, fully automatic, semi-expanding, high damage

    m3 MG: 200 round clip, fully automatic, semi-expanding, high damage

    General Tips: stick with the enfield get the next two rooms over when you get about 500$, buy an ak47, save up cash then buy the cafeteria, if you are pro enough you can make a stand there for quite a bit, when you have about 11,000$ open the north cells and buy a g3. go back to cafe and start saving up, get some turrets and keep them in open areas, have atleast two in the cafe. now just kill the oncoming hordes.

  126.   sentry master Says:

    the easiest way to complete the game is:
    1. get the enfield rifle and the granades
    2. collect all granades and power up as possible
    3. do not spend money on useless weapons, try to keep your weapon as long as possible, and then you can buy a big one. in order: enfield, mp5, hk417 (that baby is not so expensive and can kill zombies in a row), and the MG4.
    4. try to buy an ADWS sentry gun soon and place in a strategical place, it will cover at many flanks, try to combine with the barricade to aviod that zombies hordes pass throught. Buy and buy as many possible.
    5 Finally buy the MG4 (only as insurance hehehe)
    The ADWS strategically placed can provide you an ultimate defence, you only will need to keep it full of ammo. (you will need at least 3 ADWS to set a good defence, and a fourth of them to sit down and see blood raining.. hahaha)

    Remember stay alert about the zombie skeleton invoquer, that guy is the hardest, and the skeleton will distract you and sorround you, use armor piercing guns like HK417 and try to align all on a row, and crush them, if you see two of more together throw them granades (many) until no one moves… Be carefull if you stay without moving they will throw you a kamehameha..

    Good Hounting !!!

  127.   Sentrys Pown Says:

    Just completed the game :P
    i just put sentry guns around where i was camping :)
    they freaking pown,
    demons are annoying but still kick their red ass!

    hope it helps ;)

    Happy Hunting :D

  128.   hench Says:

    first i start withe the enfield then, mp5, then hk417, then m60, then turrets about 3 of them

  129.   hench Says:

    nd i only get to level 29

  130.   hench Says:

    on isane asylum i got over 100 grenades lol

  131.   a guy Says:

    i think the mg4 shoots to fast and takes so long to relode and id prefer the m60

  132.   Chauncey Kufel Says:

    I am totally Concur with your oppinion.this Weblog Article is very encouraging to Individuals who want to know these topics.

  133.   = D Says:

    Just stay in the reception area or the latrines there the best places to stay. You should get turrets but they aren’t strong enough you need to get a good gun for yourself I prefer the m60. And save money! Don’t open unneeded rooms it gives more access points to the zombies and wasts money. when you get cornered try to get them in a group and lead them in a circle and shoot them one by one it’s very effective if done right. AND save grenades they are very crucial later XD and at the beginning use the enfield which you can unlock in the premium tab for free and then stay with the mp5 for as long as you can. And stay in front of your turrets so that when the zombies get closer you have room to back up! Okay well that’s all the tips I have… For now at least = P

  134.   Kane Says:

    thanks mannn!!!! i complete the game with Colonel !! thanks for this blog

  135.   Zekeyman99 Says:

    Need a good spot get the MG4 , camp in the infarnmy with turrets make sure barricades are up and continue to hold that spot it worked for me I got to wave 27 before I died :D

  136.   treeSkwerral Says:

    If you sign in and get the grenades and Enfield, then you have all you need to survive until round 26. I managed to sit in the starting room with just the Enfield until then. All you do is upgrade the barriers to max security then walk around the three, repairing the barriers (f), while shooting the zombies with the Enfield. You walk in a circle and nothing can get in. You just can’t go slow. If you really want to, you can use only the pistol (which lets you move the fastest) and then use that. You move fast and can keep the barriers up.

    I lasted until round 26 when they finally broke in and I had to run across the map opening rooms up to get the MG4. I had almost 20k saved up when I left the starting room and that was with already buying the max security.

    Only downside is it takes a while because the Enfield takes forever to shoot since it’s semi-auto. Took me about an hour and a half to finish the game this way. I would say though that it’s the easiest way to win because it doesn’t take a lot of fancy moving, just running around and keeping up your barriers which do the killing for you.

  137.   chuck Says:

    step 1. make free mochi games account
    step 2. get enough of the free mochi coins from videos to get the mp7 from the premium tab
    step 3. hold out for as long as you can in the starting room without opening any doors
    step 4. after 25,000 is accumulated, get aws turrets (plural) and go back to first room
    step 5. purchase the 4000 dollar turrets as needed every 4000 dollars you make
    step 6. win. there are only 40 waves. i’ve beaten the game at least 3 times.

  138.   Jack Says:

    whats better 2 victors srntry guns or 1 adws sentry gun

  139.   Tom Says:

    LOLs I beat the whole game on my first try. It’s not even hard

  140.   dude Says:

    i can get to level 11 in the first room without upgrading barricades. its easy, you just have to run between the barricades and press F and shoot one zombie. that way they will find it very hard to get through and even if they do it will be in small numbers. the next weapon you should get is is the AK, especially if you have the x3 ammo. it does good damage and if you are good, you can get to wave 18. then you should open the rooms above, i never open the rooms on the bottom half because i don’t use the weapon there. better save the $s for the sentry guns. buy the weapon which costs $3500, buy a sentry gun that costs $10000 and place it in the middle of the last room on the top half of the map. make your last stand there and keep buying sentry guns and put them in the middle of the room so that it covers the left barricade but is still able to fire down the corridor which will make a great choke point. they will keep coming and you keep reloading and repairing barricades. i only starts upgrading barricades when i am in the last room where i make my last stand. i got to level 30 and i only lost because those damn sentry guns ran out of ammo. the time it took them to reload. the trick is to prevent them from entering the room and past the line of sentry guns which you should always increase when ever you can. sentry guns are like having extra players with you. they do great damage and slow the zombies down enough to reload and repair. tip: always leave enough room behind you to slowly give ground as they swarm your position.

  141.   avacado Says:

    I just camp in the bathroom with like 6 sentry guns

  142.   WOLF_rider22 Says:

    what does sentry gun engineer do

  143.   THIS GUY Says:

    corporal: red dot sight (shows a red dot when you target enemies)
    sergeant: radar scanner (minimap)
    lieutenant: faster reload
    captain: badassness (double health)
    major: high capacity magazines (more ammo for guns, and maybe sentries)
    colonel: sentry gun engineer (reload on sentries cut in half)
    general: witness the fitness(running speed doubled)

    what to do to win:
    1) get an account
    2) use the lee enfield and get $50(end of 2nd wave)
    2) if on regular zombie assault 2 (not insane asylum) skip to step 4
    3) gointo the next room
    4) save up for the next room and open it at the end of the round
    5) on regular open up vehicle bay
    5) on insane asylum gointo the room directly across from the starting rooms
    6) on regular open up reception, buy the shotgun, and camp there (this will be the main camping room)
    6) on insane asylum buy the shotgun and camp there until you can afford to open the room with the sentry gun(the one with the grave stone)
    7)on regular save up and open the room that is in the farthest left down corner of the map
    7)on insane asylum open the room directly above the farthest right room (the camping room or the really open space one)
    8) on regular save up for an AWS turret and place it right in front of the door to the reception and out onto the street
    8) on insane asylum save up for an AWS turret and place it in the middle of the room you just unlocked
    9) on regular save up for another AWS turret and place it almost exactly where you placed the last one (the red demons should be here now, stand on the upper wall facing the door with the shotgun and blast any skeletons trying to enter the room, the AWS turrets will handle the demons once they get close)
    9) on insane asylum STAY IN THE ROOM WITH THE SENTRY. save up, then open the room in the top of the map(the one at the top end of the corridor) it will contain the last weapon
    10) on regular, buy the last weapon (or 2nd to last, i cant remember) and keep placing AWS sentries either by the entrance or near the other barricade. you should win by just camping there
    10)on insane asylum buy the last weapon, and keep placing AWS turrets inside that room, camp there and you should win

    -dont wander away from your sentries, on later levels(20+) you will die if you do
    -do place sentries in the corners of rooms where they will have the greatest range and coverage
    -dont buy the $4000 sentry. it is a pain to reload and is only good for waves 10-20
    -do buy the hk147 if you want, it is a great weapon and is way better then the shotgun
    -the premium items can be purchased
    -if zombies break through your wall of sentries, do walk around them in circles to keep them from hitting you, dont stand there and die uselessly

  144.   Panasonic Says:

    Way better than the first one wich was 2 easy all u had 2 do was get mg4 (or anything higher) go to te top right room and by 2 turrets, whenever it looks like one is running out (40 or less ammo) by anothe.

  145.   Panasonic Says:

    Way better than the first one wich was 2 easy all u had 2 do was get mg4 (or anything higher) go to te top right room and camp there by 2 turrets, whenever it looks like one is running out (40 or less ammo) by anothe.

  146.   Ipad Tilbud Says:

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    My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up
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