What Happened to Making Money by Playing Online Poker Games?

If you enjoy playing dewapoker or Jayapoker, you may have tried your hand at playing online Game Poker88. While you could play for cash a few years ago from almost anywhere in the country, online poker can now only be… Read More

Mochi Leaderboards and Mochi Coins

So I wanted to address two topics today: Mochi leaderboards and Mochi-Coins. First we will discuss Mochi Leaderboards. These used to be a great tool for developers but recently Mochi has decided to sneak in some obstrusive facebook-related… Read More

Naruto NG review/walkthrough/tips

Naruto NG is a game made with Naruto sprites but completely destroys the storyline. In this game, someone has killed Sakura and Naruto goes beserk and kills everyone in his path in an attempt to find the killer…. Read More

Warzone Tower Defense Strategy and walkthrough

War Zone Tower defense is a fun create your own tower defense maze game with many choices of towers, maps, and defensive structures. You must defend against both land and air units so building both ground lasers and… Read More

Nimball Rewind game

This walkthrough is for the game Nimball Rewind. Games for today: 1. Darkbase RTS — RTS game against aliens 2. Once chance — Decide how to live the last days of your life

Magnetic Rush Walkthrough

This walkthrough is for the game Magnetic Rush. Games for today: 1. Super Mario BP Oil Spill — Use the dead fishes to plug up the oil spill   2. Desert Moon — Place your soldiers and kill… Read More

Finding jobs in a tough economy

With the unemployment rate hovering around 10% and not seeming to be getting better anytime soon, you might be hard-pressed to find a job even if you are really looking for one. However, if you really are trying… Read More