Mochi Leaderboards and Mochi Coins

So I wanted to address two topics today: Mochi leaderboards and Mochi-Coins.

First we will discuss Mochi Leaderboards. These used to be a great tool for developers but recently Mochi has decided to sneak in some obstrusive facebook-related crap to make them much less great. They have also changed the branding link from Mochiads to a rival portal, The worst by far, is the forced facebook claim. Every time a user submits a score, they are asked if they want to claim it via facebook — which is very annoying. All Mochi is hoping to do by this is to drive traffic away from your site and to their facebook app. If you are a publisher, I highly encourage you to disable this feature by using the publisher bridge. Even if you don’t need integration with your own database, use the bridge and set “denyfriends” equal to true. This will stop it most of the time. Of course, it doesn’t always work because of cross-browser security issues. If you are a sponsor, I suggest that you do not use Mochi-Leaderboards and tell developers to use your own API for the time being until they change this type of behavior. Their services to publishers have gotten worse and worse recently and now its becoming obvious that they want to drive traffic away from our portals and to their portal or facebook app by masking it behind these “services” they provide. If you already have a gateway page for the mochi-leaderboard, it is not hard to make your flash game submit to that gateway instead of through Mochi. In fact, it probably works better that way.

The second thing I want to address is this crappy new development thats good for developers but horrible for players and publishers called “Mochi-coins”. Its not only Mochi-coins but also other services that offer Micro-transactions in flash games. However, Mochi-coins is the worst right now for publishers. It basically gives developers a way to charge for in-game content in flash games. That way, they can lock up all the good content and force you to pay for it. However, I doubt this will be as successful as RPG games like WoW because there will always be lots of high-quality flash games that are completely free available out there. When players get to choose between free games and games with content they have to pay for, they will choose the free ones.

For publishers right now, Mochi-coins is something you should avoid putting on your site. One reason is because, although Mochi is using your traffic to drive affiliate sales, you are not getting a fair percentage as commissions(well, right now you not getting anything). Another reason is that there are lots of players that simply don’t like flash games that are not completely free. The third and most pressing reason is that it drives traffic away from your site. Players must go to mochigames to register, login, and purchase new coins. All of this drives traffic away from your site to mochigames and you do not get anything out of it. There is absolutely no reason to lose traffic and not get anything in return so you don’t have anything to gain by adding these coin-enabled games while you have traffic to lose.

If your tired of these intrusive services, you should consider using other in-game ad networks as well. CPMstar is always a viable option, especially for sponsor as they offer a shared-revenue model.