Naruto NG review/walkthrough/tips

Naruto NG is a game made with Naruto sprites but completely destroys the storyline. In this game, someone has killed Sakura and Naruto goes beserk and kills everyone in his path in an attempt to find the killer. In this game’s course you will fight and kill Kakashi, Rock Lee, Neji, and several other friends in your bloodthirsty rampage. Its actually one of the better games I’ve seen done with Naruto Sprites but is still a bit clunky at times.The fighting system is pretty cool and the combo system is really good so I’d say give it a try.

The main trick to this game is to learn the combos. There are only three attack moves(and a special) so you’ll want to try to mix and match them until you find “good” or “great” combos. Usually a combination of fast punches and strong punches is a pretty good bet. Watch your super bar, you’ll always want to use it as many times it gives an almost instant win(which is kind of broken). This game is decent to play because of wanting see who you’ll fight next on your rampage. Other than that, its an average fighting game.