Warzone Tower Defense Strategy and walkthrough

War Zone Tower defense is a fun create your own tower defense maze game with many choices of towers, maps, and defensive structures. You must defend against both land and air units so building both ground lasers and air defense is vital. I found that concentrating fire and making use of the towers’ best abilities was the best way to win.

For instance, the laser cannon fires in a line so its probably best to build your maze so that is has long straight ways so the laser cannon to have its best effect. I’ve played the default map through the first 100 waves so if you having trouble getting started. You can use it as a guide. Click on the “Click me, I am a walkthrough link to view”.

I’ve become addicted to this game recently and was using a similar technique as you, but I never used the blocks, I made my whole maze out of machine guns…I think the highest score I got was around 39,000 and the whole screen was covered. Don’t remember what wave that was at, but I’m going to try your method and see how far it takes me. I can’t believe the high score right now is 180,000!

I’ve also made my mazes from guns, not walls. Buying upgrades is more efficient than buying another gun capable of equal damage. I favor machine guns, since they attack air and ground enemies. I eventually use all weapons, though. This strategy has taken me to a score of 59,951 at wave 115. Great game.

Highest score my fiancee and I have managed is 63000 – but it feels like there’s a ceiling around there. It’s hard to see how any strategy could get us farther than that. If anyone reading this has broken the 70-80K barrier in this game (on default settings and map) please post your ideas here.

I have been past 70k Alex, and my strategy was a wall that funnels to one space at the beginning, with about 6 Pulse Emitters arranged so the enemies must travel in C shapes around them, and long straight lines with about 4 Lasers (Following the same line) aimed down the alley. For air, The pulse emitters weaken them at the start, and I have Laser (Air) Cannons to finish them off. So far, it’s worked for me. Also, Flamethrowers, with enemies in a spiral shape, work incredibly well too.

Been over 90k many times. I always end up losing between levels 125-130 and it always seems to be lack of strong enough air defenses.

I start out with cannons and let them take any path. Then build a couple missile launchers towards the base to handle airborne enemies.

Next I’ll build some blocks to start funneling but the trick I’ve found is to walk them through the pulse emitters. I’ll use these where terrain doesn’t require blocks and have them pass each emitter twice. Then, as I start building towards the left on this map I go back and forth between upgrading these & air defenses. The pulse emitters are nice as they hit ground but do nice air damage as well.

Once you get clear of the rocks on this map start building walls with three blank spaces between them. Then you place pulse emitters on the left and right so the creeps have to take a zig-zag path up and down. You end up getting 2-3 passes for each one depending on upgrade strength and placement. Also, flamethrowers work very well when they’re cornering and/or grouped together.

The tactic I use is pretty straight forward. I make 4-5 flamethrowers to handle the ground units, followed by a huge line of emitters near the bottom of the map (since air units pass there as well). I then put walls around these emitters in such a way that will make the enemies pass 3 times by each emitter. To handle air units, I just make lines of missile launchers and near wave 120~ I begin to build plasma cannons.

I got to wave 130 (school got boring) with the enclaved map and quick cash mode. My score was 75k-80k, the plasma cannons (most expensive ones) do most DPS, I think. I made a maze from the center of the map, and had 4 maxed out plasma cannons. Also, flamethrowers, about 12 maxed out flaks right next to the base, and a few emmiters. This strategy works well, also, I had about 2-3 maxed out heavy cannons at the corner of my maze.

I got to wave 167, 123,405. I was not logged in. I use a dual maze format that filters into a single alley, then I rotate a block (buy and sell) causing the ground troops to switch directions and go past the same guns multiple times. With the ground troops tied up I focus on air strikes and drop lots of nukes on the air units as they fly over ground units. This does damage to both.

You can upgrade the towers by clicking on them. When you click on a tower, it becomes highlighted. A target appears around it and the upgrade options appear at the bottom of the screen, in the control panel. You can choose to upgrade, or sell the tower.

Make sure you are not using a bomb or nuke when you click on the tower, otherwise you will simply cause an explosion.

Another interesting point about selecting an existing tower is that it shows you the enemy that the tower is targeting. It is possible for you to click on any other enemy within the tower range and the tower will target that enemy instead.

One trick on these games is to use the “swinging door” trick.

Set up the maze so the they funnel fro the rocks forward and take that path south close to the base – when the enemy is about to push past you – open the far NE corner of the map and block the SW funnel – ALL the critters do a 180 and you get to live another day + all the enemies has to go past all your weapons again. Laser groups are the best as they have great range and hit all targets within the beam.

It takes some skill and timing – and when the whole map is full there really is no where else to go.

reached lvl 160 with a score of 105,254. The ground units are no threat. the air units are tough. In order to keep the ground units busy make 2 paths to the base with each passing a large group of leveled up turrets. Make each of the 2 paths as long as possible and keep one blocked. When the creeps nearly reach the end of path 1 quickly unblock path 2 then block path 1. All the ground units will turn around and head for path 2. When they nearly reach the end of path 2 unblock path 1 and block path 2. You can create some serious traffic jams with the grounds units barely moving. If it wasn’t for the air units the game would be too easy.

my score right now is 332,000 using ground only and quick cash. i see some people say that ‘without ground units this game would be way too easy” well yeah almost. basically, if you don’t screw up anywhere (like closing the window you’re playing in) you can live as long as you want. however, at this level (i think i’m on wave 297) the bosses take a long time to kill. i have close to 75 heavy cannons (every one of them maxed out) and even with every one of them foccused on the same boss, it will take me upwards of 45 minutes to kill the boss. splash damage will kill probably 75-100 enemies around him in this time though, so money is never really an issue.

One more thing – What I wrote above das done at deflaut map and settings. Me and my friend were thinking and testing strategies all day at work how people get almost 200k, now I see that there’s one high score list for all maps and settings. That’s not good, If a person runing highscore list server is reading this – please make separate list, or allow adding result only if game was played at deflaut.

I got so sick of playing, this was after hours, and then the bloody high scores didn’t acknowledge me! 175750! and no, I’m not in there. It is such a waste of my time this game.

I wrote LOL over the build up of enemies, but for those of you with too much time on your hands, the yellow circle and red x’s show where I do a double take. I lead them in one side and then open the other up and close the one they are in, off. So they go all the way back round again, gives you much longer to shoot at them.

I made it to level 22 with one flamethrower, and only got hit by planes :D
My best score was 78K at 133. I was doing better once but ran out of time (ICT lesson over in school lol). If you’re using the laser cannon technique you end up with quite evenly damaged units when it gats hectic, so nucular bombs are really effective in finishing them off, and pay for themselves often. Also make sure you’re aiming your laser turrets at the right angle as often as possible… I always get nailed by the air also, even with nearly 30 semiupgraded air missiles.

I use walls and guns. Start with cannons and a couple of missile turrets. Then build a plasma cannon or two. Then build heavy cannons and upgrade. Make sure your maze is pretty long. My best recommendation for the maze is to make the lanes two units wide. Then stagger walls inside the lanes. This forces the units to go around, thus doubling the amount of space they need to cover.

I got to about 180,000 points. My system is to use only flame throwers at the start never upgrade them they will be useless later in the game even at full upgrade.

Create blocks vertically that will clump all attackers so you can nuke and EMP them more effectively because when you reach 120,000+ points those are pretty much your only weapons that can keep you in the game.

Finally use nothing else other than Plasma Cannons and Heavy Cannons at full upgrade, every other tower is useless these 2 are the most efficient for both air and ground. Don’t even bother with the turrets.

i play my little fortress, my reasoning is that heavy guns mazes are the best – because of their range they can cover the creeps longer than any other and their splash damages multiple, machina – lazers maybe better than heavy if placed right because they hit multiple with the same amount of damage (full splash, hvy canons only in the center) and also never miss, plasma only in under the airways, any error in this reasoning?

I can easily get to lvl 150+. Here is what you do; Make a maze of towers straight across the map with one square for the creeps to travel. Do this long way across the map. Build one of each tower. Ex >>>>> machine gun, cannon, flame thrower, pulse emitter, laser, big cannon, plasma cannon and repeat for the maze. DON’T upgrade until the maze is completed across the whole map usually this is around lvl 100. This gives you a nice balance of power. The only problem is the bosses. They take all the focus of the long range guns and the regular creeps bottle up and are impossible to kill. I don’t build many if any wall towers. I just use towers to make the maze. I got to lvl 160. So I am not really sure what to recommend upgrading after the maze is done. Big cannons are so slow so I usually go lasers and pulse emitters.

Another tactic is just machine guns and pulse emitters upgraded in a maze. You can easily make lvl 100 this way.

That’s My Path, unfortunatedly I gutted it before I Died to try and get a few more levels done. (I mean I sold all the ground turrets to hold off the air). I blocked in green where the pulse emitters were. Each emitter hits loads of them, especially when the lead one is EMP’d and they bunching well. I have 3 seperate paths which I block and unblock, which holds off ground units fine. It’s just surviving air that’s the problem. I had more air but sold it holding off the air attack before the one that killed me.
The ground units stopped dying for me after 150ish, and so stopped my cash-flow :(
I’m sure I can get further if I can be arsed to try again and concentrate more on air and improve the path to hold the ground at bay more… I also might switch to using plasma turrets so that I get a better cash-flow later on..

nice use of pulse jethro, double lanes work quite well, havent thought of that, and the game is addictive indeed, we ll need to have a self help group, anonymous warzone addicts ^^

did some long lazer lanes, half my maze finished and got to wave 130, the problem with lazer lanes is you have to aim manually almost all the time, otherwise they ll go for the leading mob and thus fire diagonally and not along the lanes, at maximum the lazer hits 22 squares in a lane (plus is free to fire elsewhere in its range), pulse hits 15 at best but with higher damage, heavy gun hits only 20 squares (tight wall maze) – higher damage in the center but lesser towards the edge

one would have to know the exact decay of the hvy gun damage to make a judgement but my hvy gun mazes seem to fail pretty early

jason missile towers have a superior dmg per second and spent money (double of most towers), low max dmg though (have many or dont keep them too long), alt. build lazers and when air gets tough convert some to air-lazers, superior range thus doesnt really matter where u put them

flame thrower is hard to judge, raw data dont look too good (,04 dps/dollar, fifth of others)

I found it easier to do the first 80-90 waves staying closer to the base thingamajig, using 3 flamethrowers and a few machine guns in the middle.
I used that to stockpile all my money, then I built 2 plasma cannons and the beginnings of my maze starting around wave 50 and from there I just extended my maze.

Also, put all your air defenses along the bottom of the screen, or use them to further your maze…

This lasted me to 72k points, only because I made the foolish move of selling a few air turrets to stop one of the boss’ a few rounds before, so I paid for it :p

i find it quite easy to get to about 125000 towards the end of my time im selling off the air units and slowly my maxed powered ground just to nuke the air attacks. but still get killed god nnly knows how some of the high scores have been achived, unless they are playing without air attacks. by the way all of you that are boasting hi scores on the no air attack game, my gran could compeet with ya without air attacks its pointless. play the full game, grow some balls and stop filling this sight with useless crap. heavy guns fully upgraded x2 mazes and some air thats all you need. o and lots of nukes.

The best strategy is machine guns and plasma guns as they attack all enemies. I do use flak cannons for air only since the machine guns and plasma guns usually attack whatever is the closest target, and when the bosses come, they take longer to eliminate. Another trick is to use Quick Cash and never the fixed amounts as you will be stuck once you set up everything. Finally, and this will slow down game play when you reach over 130 levels, set up the path so the ground enemies have to go in a perimeter path and constantly build and sell the block walls so that they enemies have to go back the other way. There will be a severe traffic jam, but your only worry will be the air enemies with this strategy. I don’t know if there is a final level, but I have reached over level 170 and got bored.

One thing to watch out for is that the big cannon do not really fire every 6 seconds. If their intended target goes out of range or dies, they find another target and this whole procedure often takes more than the published 6 seconds. Defenses that shoot more often give you more fire power per unit of time (Plasma towers)

i think i got somewhere around 160 on ground only levels with something that basically looked like this ( i used 100K to quickly get a picture of what would usually take a hour or so to make so definitely UPGRADE the maze of pulse emitters (or whatever they are called)

yeah it looks like something an idiot could think of. lol. but it WORKS. and thats the point. but always keep a reserve of 1000 or more so you can emp bosses at waves above 130. they are moving nuclear fallout shelters and ticks me off.

Now, i got up to maybe 150 something on the air&ground levels by building………wait for it………..a huge maze.
thats it really.
see. orginally i started out by blocking all entrances to my tower with blocks then set up a single flame thrower. and eventually air started coming so i set up flak cannons along their flight path, taking advantage of their one movement path. and eventually it grew into a huge maze. i placed a flame thrower behind any and everyblock wall and realized flame throwers slow the enemy down. so off to the side and anywhere else they could fit. i loaded heavy cannons and once i got all my flame throwers at lv 2 and maxed my air defence which was like…..16 flak guns. i maxed out the cannons. and simply put, they were moving so slow that it didn’t matter how much health they had…. they were worn down to nothing. …..untill they get past the maze and kill you lol.

The trick is to make mazes with pulse emitters so that the creeps go in circles. Doing that allows you to build those missile turrets like crazy, IGNORE the other air defences because they are useless. This way the creeps will walk in an endless circle getting exposed to the pulse emitters, and eventually die. Ignore all builds except pulse and missile launcher. Use a flame thrower and a flak in the beginning.

Around wave 150 your screen will be packed with ground creeps. Save 1k worth of money and use a nuclear where it will impact the most. This will kill maybe 4 creeps. That will earn you enough money for another nuclear. WHen u use this maybe 3 will die. Continue this until you don’t get enough kills to support a nuclear, and wait till the creeps gather again.

Around wave 165 you wont make enough money to kill the creeps with your income. You have to sell most of your towers (yes your missile launchers as well) and use the money to nuclear until you run out of money and DIE :p

This is the method the highscorers use. I have yet to find a way to create a maze to get mobs more cramped together for maximum exposure but I will do this later and pots an update.